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20 Best Dessert Dip Recipes

These dessert dip recipes are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or serving desserts to a large group of people. Just dip and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love dessert? And who doesn’t love dip? These delicious dessert dip recipes are great for potlucks, parties, or movie nights. Make large batches for parties, or smaller bowls for intimate gatherings. The ingredients may range from fruit to chocolate, to caramel. But there is definitely a dip recipe here for everyone!

dessert dip recipes

This post has 20 different ideas for dessert dips for various occasions. Make a delicious Smores Dip for a summer cookout. Or enjoy Monster Cookie Dough Dip for a fun movie night treat!

Dessert Dip Recipes

What is a Dessert Dip?

A dessert dip is basically a dip you serve for dessert. They are typically whipped cream or cream cheese based. Many of these dips are chocolate or fruit flavored. These dips are often served with fresh fruit, cookies, or graham crackers for dipping. These dips are relatively simple to make and don’t require a lot of prep time or equipment.

Whether you have a huge sweet tooth or are feeding a crowd, one of these dessert dips will surely be a winner.

What Supplies Do I Need to Create These Dips?

Most of these dips only require a few supplies. Mostly bowls for mixing, pans for baking, and serving dishes.

  • Oven – A few of these dips, like Smores Dip, require baking in the oven.
  • Mixer – Make combining ingredients easier with a simple hand mixer or a stand mixer.
  • Baking Dish – Small baking dishes or cast iron skillets are great for making hot dessert dips.
  • Serving Dish – Cute serving dishes make everything better.

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