Meet Ashley

Hey there! I’m Ashley, a millennial from Richmond, VA! I live with my husband of 10 years, Jesse, and our two daughters. In 2019, I was diagnosed with PMDD, so I’m constantly learning to balance my mental health with my Type A personality. My favorite foods are chicken soft tacos, black coffee, and anything with dark chocolate. I’m slightly obsessed with the show Grey’s Anatomy and have watched the first 10 seasons at least 12 times. I’m also a huge Marvel and Star Wars nerd. And I try to visit Walt Disney World at least once a year.

Attempts At Domestication is where I keep my creativity and love for writing alive. I share posts about my life, simple recipes, budgeting tips, home decor and pop culture. I truly am a woman of many trades, and a master of none. I love to decorate my house and makeover spaces, but I’m literally the world’s slowest painter and I’m incredibly indecisive and cheap. I’ve developed a small fondness for cooking, but for the first five years of our marriage my husband made 95% of our meals. I love for my house to be clean and organized, but my laundry sits unfolded for days. That’s where the word attempts in my brand come from. It’s not going to be perfect and it may take forever, but I’m sure as hell going to try. Thank you for joining me on my adventures!