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Football Snacks Board for Two

This Football Snack Board for Two has a variety of different football snacks in smaller sizes to be enjoyed by a small group without waste.

I love a good football party. I enjoy the game and the commercials, but I’m mostly into the food. Football snacks are some of my favorite snacks. There’s always a ton of dips, chips, pizza, and wings. This year, I won’t be going to any parties to watch the Super Bowl. But we still really wanted to eat all of the football snacks.

I decided to make us a Football Snacks Board, but for just the two of us. I created mini versions of our favorite dips and heated up a few frozen appetizers. Then, laid them out with chips and veggies for dipping. Now we can eat a variety of football snacks, without wasting food.

football snacks

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Football Snacks Board for Two

Buffalo Chicken Dip

My absolute favorite dip at any party is Buffalo Chicken Dip, so I knew making that was a must. I shrank my normal recipe down to about a 1/8th of what I usually make. A little sampling size is ideal for this football snack board for two. I used a small (2 cup) Pyrex dish to make my dip and heated it in the microwave instead of the oven. I had all of the necessary ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip on hand. Win! We keep canned chicken on hand for chicken salad sandwiches, so I used a bit of that with my cream cheese, Ranch, Buffalo sauce, and cheese. I prefer this dip with celery, so I chopped a few sticks to serve with it.

football snacks

5 Layer Dip

My next mini dip for this football snacks board was my 5 Layer Dip. This dip is made with black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. I whipped up a quick homemade pico and guacamole but you could also use store-bought! Since I didn’t need a whole can of black beans for a mini-sized dip, I stored the rest of the black beans in the fridge for us to use for dinner this week. I followed my 5 Layer Dip recipe, layering each ingredient in another small Pyrex dish. There was a lot of extra pico de gallo, so I put that in a small ramekin to add to the snack board as well.

football snacks

Layered Greek Dip

For my last dip, I chose my Layered Greek Dip, just to add some different flavors to this football snacks board. I made my own hummus and tzatziki sauce. But again you can order some from the grocery store if you want. I had a lot of leftover hummus, so that was also added to a small ramekin to serve with carrots and cucumbers. This football snack board could use a few more vegetables. So I layered the hummus with marinated cucumbers and tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese in another small Pyrex dish. I didn’t have any pita chips on hand, so I decided to serve the dip with pretzels instead.ย 

football snacks

Add Appetizers

Then, I heated up a few taquitos and pizza rolls to add to this football snacks board, because (for me) it’s just not the Super Bowl without them. I only heated up about 10 pizza rolls and 4 taquitos, which I also cut in half. Again, the point of this board is so we can have a little bit of everything without wasting a ton of food. Or exploding from being too full.

These little appetizers are frozen, so I can just hang on to them. They can be part of a fun lunch for the kids, or my husband and I can eat them while watching movies for date night. The point is, they won’t go to waste.

football snacks

I arranged my football snacks board on a large piece of craft paper on our kitchen island. The island has a clear view of the TV in the living room, so it’s the perfect spot to graze on food and not miss a bit of the game. I spaced out the main dips on the board first, then added the small ramekins of extra salsa and hummus, plus some sour cream. Once all my dishes were laid out I filled in the space with Tostito’s Scoops (the best dip chip IMO), pretzel chips, taquitos, pizza rolls, and veggies. Then, I garnished everything with a little cilantro. And BOOM! A football snacks board with a ton of variety, but a manageable size for two people.

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  1. Neely Moldovan

    Oh yes perfect timing! I need to figure out snacks for our superbowl party of 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is absolutely GENIUS! We won’t be doing a party, just watching with my parents, but it’s been requested that I make buffalo chicken dip (a family favorite). I may have to mix it up and make something like this too – or at least suggest it to my mom! I’m sure it would be a huge hit!

  3. Okay, I know what I’m creating for Super Bowl Sunday… this is perfect! Such a great idea to put all the yummy munchies on one board together!

  4. Food is my favorite category to read about, and this post did not disappoint. I love how you laid the snacks across the table. I wouldn’t have thought about that. This looks so good ๐Ÿ™‚

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