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G Rated Movies on Disney Plus

A list of G rated movies on Disney Plus that includes classic animated films, life action, Pixar, and movies that are G but should be PG.

Disney Plus is home to many fantastic family films. Those films range in rating from G to R. This list features over 50 different G rated movies on Disney Plus. There are many classic favorites, Pixar movies, and live action films.

g rated movies on disney plus

And because ratings change and evolve over time, there is a separate list of G rated movies that should be PG. They are bit scary and mature for younger audiences.

Disney Classics

These G rated movies on Disney Plus are part of the Disney animated Classics. These films date back to the 1950’s, so they may contain inappropriate content.

101 Dalmations

The evil Cruella Deville kidnaps 101 Dalmation puppies. They have a perilous cross country journey to escape her clutches.


A young beggar discovers a magic lamp with a genie inside. The genie grants his wishes to help him win the heart of the princess. But along the way he discovers that he’s so much more.

Beauty and the Beast

A young woman makes a deal with a beast to save her father. She befriends the enchanted home decor and comes to love her new home.


The classic fairytale of a woman forced into servitude by her stepmother. Her fairy godmother helps her make it to the ball.

Robin Hood

The tale of the Nottingham outlaw that stole from the rich to give to the poor. But this version is a cast of animals.

Peter Pan

The classic tale of the Boy Who Never Grew Up. Beware of racially insensitive content regarding Indigenous peoples. (We always skip those parts).

The Aristocats

A cat and her three kittens are the sole inheritors of their wealthy owner’s fortune. The butler develops a plan to get rid of the cats, but other animals help them escape. This film also has racially insensitive content during the “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” sequence.

The Sword and the Stone

The story of a young King Author who befriends a wizard named Merlin and pulls the sword from the stone.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice goes on a magical journey to a wonderland. There are some references to beheadings and death, but overall it’s a decent movie for kids.

The Little Mermaid

The classic tale of a mermaid that wants desperately to be a human. Ursula, the sea witch, may be a bit scary for younger viewers.

The Jungle Book

A young boy must flee the jungle to escape a tiger that hates humans.

Lady and the Tramp

Two dogs from different sides of the tracks find love.

G Rated Movies on Disney Plus That Probably Shouldn’t Be Rated G

The way movies, especially children’s movies, are rated has changed over the years. Many of the movies from the 90’s with G ratings would not receive that rating today. And for good reason! These movies are all fantastic movies, but they should be PG. Especially when movies like Moana and Frozen are PG! Those are WAY less scary and perilous than some of the movies listed below.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The classic tale of the princess who befriends seven dwarfs while fleeing her evil stepmother. A movie with a parental figure trying to kill their child is definitely not for littles.

Princess and the Frog

This movie is phenomenal! And Tiana is an inspirational princess. However, Dr. Faciliar and his friends “on the other side” are frightening.


One of the best soundtracks of all time! Tarzan is a fantastic movie. But it literally shows the shadow of an evil man who accidentally hangs himself. And dead bloody bodies. Not a G movie.


Another amazing movie with a killer soundtrack. But more visuals of hell and hell beasts are scary for littles.

Sleeping Beauty

This Disney classic is a beautiful telling of Princess Aurora. But Maleficent is a super scary villain! My kids were not ready for this movie until they were a bit older!

The Rescuers

Any movie that involves kidnapping should probably be rated PG.

The Rescuers Down Under

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. But it has more kidnapping. Also the villain chases a kid around with a gun. How is that G?!


A slower paced story about nature. But the death of parents makes it a hard movie for little ones.


The traumatizing scenes with Dumbo’s mother and the racist depictions in the movie definitely make it for older audiences.


Any movie that shows children drinking and smoking cigars is definitely not a G movie.

Oliver and Company

Why did so many movies show adults trying to murder children?! I loved this movie but it’s a lot to unpack as an adult.

A Goofy Movie

I recently turned this movie on for my kids. But I ended up turning it off. The adults kept talking about Max going to prison and ending up in the electric chair. It was jarring and scary for the kids.

Brother Bear

This movie depicts the intense deaths of humans and bears at each other’s hands. It has a lovely message, but is a little too intense for a G rating.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This is such a beautiful movie! But the character of Frollo and his treatment of Esmerelda is too mature for small children.

The Emperor’s New Groove

The bullying language, constant talk of murder, and a few perilous moments push this into PG territory.

The Great Mouse Detective

A fun and brilliant Sherlock Holmes retelling with mice. It is a very underrated Disney Classic. But the villain is so scary for little kids.

The Fox and the Hound

Raise your hand if you were traumatized by this movie as a child. The forest scene still makes me cry. It has several intense moments that make it a bit too much for little kids.


This movie is the greatest non-Disney princess movie. But Rasputent is terrifying. Especially when he calls forth demons to capture Anastasia.

More Animated G Rated Movies on Disney Plus

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear is so precious! The slower-paced movies are perfect for younger audiences.


The Tinkerbell movies are my favorites for small children! They are mildly perilous but have such important messages too. They introduce Tinkerbell and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow.

The Pirate Fairy

A fun story about Tinkerbell and her friends facing a band of pirates. These pirates include a young, two-handed James Hook.

Secret of the Wings

Tinkerbell discovers her long-lost sister, who is a frost fairy. They have to overcome their environments to be a family.

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

Tinkerbell learns a hard lesson about controlling her anger and being a good friend.

The Tigger Movie

Tigger is a favorite of small children. His movie is about him looking for his family, only to realize that he has a found family already.

Chicken Little

The classic tale of Chicken Little is told in a fun animated fashion. Some moments may be intense, but the movies are appropriate for kids.

Live Action G Rated Films

These live-action G-rated movies on Disney Plus are heartwarming stories of hope, love, and perseverance. And a collection of some of the greatest musicals of all time.

The Rookie

A Texas baseball coach achieves his lifelong dream of playing in the major leagues. It’s an inspiring true story. It’s perfect for a family movie night.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This movie. It’s sad, beautiful, exciting, and just a great movie. Two dogs and a cat journey across the country to reunite with their people. Some parts may be upsetting for little viewers.

The Sound of Music

This is a beautiful musical about a nun named Maria who becomes the nanny to a prominent naval officer’s children. The story takes place directly before World War II. There is a frightening sequence where the family must flee the country to escape a Nazi invasion.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

A musical starring the legendary Angela Lansbury. She plays a witch that uses her magic to foil the Nazis invasion of Britain. She and three refugee children use an enchanted bed to fly, explore magical lands, and stop the Germans.

Mary Poppins

The classic Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke musical. This film was my kids’ favorite for their toddler years.

Pixar G Rated Movies on Disney Plus

These Pixar G rated movies are some of the most popular children’s movies of all time! They are exciting, heartfelt, and hilarious.


The heartwarming story of an adorable robot in love. There are a few perilous moments but for the most part it’s a slow, enjoyable movie. And it has a great message about protecting our planet.

Cars (1-3)

Cars is an exciting franchise starring talking cars. Kids love these movies! Just be prepared for some bullying language and a use of the word “hell.”

Finding Nemo

The story of a young fish that is separated from his father. They both go on a journey to find each other. A few scary moments, but overall great for young viewers.


A rat dreams of becoming a professional chef. So he goes on a journey to make his dream come true.

Monsters Inc. and Monster’s University

The tale of two monster best friends, Sully and Mike, and their journey of friendship. And later of saving the monster world.

A Bug’s Life

An ant goes on a journey to recruit an insect army to protect his colony from grasshoppers. There may be some scary moments for little ones.

Toy Story (1-4)

All of the Toy Story films are G rated movies on Disney Plus. They follow Andy’s toys as they navigate the passage of time. The journey is fun, hilarious, sometimes perilous, and occasionally heartbreaking. Just like life.

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