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Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas Using a Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Shades of green, brown and beige make a beautiful color palette for fall decor in the home. It’s rustic, but also a little elegant. These easy fall home decor ideas were inspired by these natural colors.

The approach of fall calls for refreshing the decor around the house. It’s always fun to decorate differently every few months. Inspiration for home decor is found everywhere. This year I was especially inspired by the earthy colors of nature. I incorporated greens, browns and a lot of beige into my easy fall home decor.

living room fall decor
living room fall
fall home tour

Easy Fall Home Decor Inspired by Earthy Colors

This fall, I opted for a much more neutral vibe versus my usual combo of red and orange. I played around with some natural wood, fresh greenery and simplicity. The simplicity part is a new one for me. I’m usually a go all out kind of person, but I like this new look. Plus, I didn’t buy anything new in terms of decor this year. It’s always refreshing to achieve a fresh new home decor look without spending a lot of money.

neutral fall decor

In an effort to be more intentional, I really contemplated my decorating decisions this year. Rather than scouring the stores, I found inspiration at home. I played with layering in ways that I hadn’t before. And I limited myself to using things I had on hand. I really love the way it all came together.

neutral fall mantel
it's fall yall sign


fall vignette

Decorating with Books for Cozy Fall Vibes

My favorite decor addition is the book display on the sofa table shelf behind the couch. I own a good number of hardback books. And that’s after the collection to books my husband and I really love, or that impacted our lives. If these fond books were paperback, then we’ve replaced them with a hard cover version. I do remove the dust covers for design sake, but the books are all beloved.

The bookends belong to my parents, but they won’t miss them. I remember using them to build forts as a kid (they are really heavy), so the bookends themselves are super nostalgic for me.

fall living room decor
living room book display

A Simple and Neutral Dining Room for Fall

The dining room was tricky to decorate this year because I didn’t want to pile much on the table. Our family uses the dining table for all of our meals. And with small children, chances are anything on the table will get covered in food. I opted for a neutral table runner, which is actually a scarf. Plus, my gorgeous green glass fruit bowl and a few simple candlesticks. It’s very understated, but perfect for our home.

fall dining room
dining room fall decor
dining table fall centerpiece

While September is starting off with lots of rain here, I will be cozy inside enjoying my decor and looking forward to all that this new season may hold.

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  1. so glad you enjoyed your summer with mara- she’s at such a fun age! loving the touches of burgundy for fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Cassie! She really is! Everything is amazing to her right now. It’s a good reminder to slow down and really take in the “amazing” little things around us.

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