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Hosting a Baby Sprinkle Shower

Here’s a fun idea for hosting a baby “sprinkle” shower. Try a simple brunch at a local coffee shop for a few close friends. Add a few simple decorations to create an intimate and relaxing environment to celebrate a friend’s newest baby.

Recently, I had the honor of putting together a little “sprinkle” for a friend and her second baby. I love the word “sprinkle” for secondary baby showers. Having another baby is definitely something to be celebrated, but there’s something more familiar and casual about not calling it a shower. I wanted to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for the guests. Here’s a few tips for hosting a baby sprinkle shower.

Decide on an Intimate Location

Location is key when it comes to planning any event. For a small baby sprinkle, it’s best to keep the environment intimate and relaxed. An obvious choice is someone’s home. However, restaurants, coffee shops or cafes are also incredibly intimate and low-key locations for a sprinkle.

My friend and her family live a few hours away, so they were coming into town for the weekend to visit with friends, and for the sprinkle. I wanted to leave my house open for the children to play and take naps. So I decided to host the sprinkle at a local coffee shop. My friend is a lover of coffee and eclectic shops, so it was the perfect location. I supplied a fruit salad and an array of muffins. I cleared this with the venue ahead of time. Some places may not allow you to bring outside food. The coffee shop also had lots of brunch options for guests to choose from. The sprinkle felt more like a casual brunch with girlfriends rather than a typical baby shower.

Keep the Decorations Simple

Simple touches, like a few vases of flowers and a table cloth, create a beautiful setting. A small sprinkle doesn’t require over the top decorations.

For this sprinkle, I kept things very simple. Especially, since I was setting up in a public setting. I recycled my drop cloth tablecloth from my daughter’s first birthday party. I also sewed a black and white floral runner to go with it. The look was simple, yet feminine. I found a whimisical vintage bicycle print paper at the craft store and used it as a background for the welcome sign.

Hosting a Baby Sprinkle

I also filled a few vases with flowers and eucalyptus branches. I tied bows around the vases to give them a more polished look. The ribbon for the bows was pink and white striped, which matched the bags I bought for the favors. Speaking of favors, I went with the crowd favorite of chocolate. I bought two bags of assorted Ghiradelli and divided them up equally between the bags and myself. Simple and delicious…

Skip the Games and Do Something Helpful for Mom

Since sprinkles are typically held for subsequent pregnancies, make the party about mom. The event should be a time for her to relax with family and friends, not play host. Skip games and even gift openings to save time and energy. Instead, set up ways for everyone to help the mom of honor. After all, she’s about to have 2+ children!

An idea to help her is having guests fill out their own envelopes for thank you notes. This was a HUGE help to me after my first baby shower. I didn’t have to text people to double check addresses or just spend that extra time writing. It’s one less thing to think about!

coffee shop baby shower

The morning of the shower the weather was GORGEOUS, so I hosted the sprinkle on the coffee shop patio. There was a large table outside for the decorations and food. We all sat around and chatted while sipping coffee. It was such a relaxing morning. Which is not something I usually say when putting together an event. I definitely recommend hosting a baby sprinkle at a small local coffee shop or cafe!

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  1. aww, didn’t see this before! but it was the PERFECT baby sprinkle and i’m so grateful that you hosted it with such perfect little touches! loved that time with all of you ladies. <3

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