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Bedroom Refresh Plans – Inspired by Serena & Lily Bedding

Plans for a sophisticated master bedroom refresh, inspired by the Serena & Lily Savoy Embroidered Duvet cover.

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I’ve been unhappy with how our bedroom looks for a few years now, but have never bitten the bullet to change it.  I thought maybe some nicer bedding and a few other decorative touches would change my mind. Instead, they made me more unhappy with everything. I haven’t totally finished the our bathroom. (I don’t really have a great excuse as to why not). But that hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about possible bedroom changes.

I Need a Bedroom Refresh

When we first bought this house our bedroom was the first room that I chose a paint color for. I had a light green room as a kid and was dying to find a similar color for our house. I envisioned a green room with accents of lavender and plum (our wedding colors). It was going to be like our wedding forever in there. No lie. I’m pretty sure I said those words out loud on multiple occasions. Ah newlywed bliss. Fast forward to now. I’m still happily married. But totally over the green walls. And I ditched the purple a while ago. I’m also over the fabric on our DIY upholstered headboard. It just looks dirty to me against our white bedding.

master bedroom aug17

Since I just painted the adjoining bathroom a vivid green, I’m ready to move on to a new color in the bedroom. I’m thinking something more neutral, to balance out the colorful bathroom. I’d also like something that feels a little cozier. Our bedroom is huge, but it’s definitely a decent size so it could handle a cozy color. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Hazy Skies are pretty popular colors right now, but I do honestly love them. They may be a tad dark, but I am gravitating towards a “greige” or “putty”color. I think that color would look great with the contrasting white bedding and curtains paired with some navy accents. I actually created a little inspiration collage of what I’m thinking:

master bedroom mood board

headboard | clock | throw | shams | desk

A Headboard Refresh

Our DIY headboard has been fantastic. I still love the shape and the nailhead trim around it. But I’m over the burlap color. We actually used a painter’s dropcloth from Lowe’s as the fabric for it. It made the project super cheap. Plus a headboard was a dramatic change for our room. No headboard = college kid vibes.

Now, I’m ready for an even more dramatic change and I think I can pull that off just by switching to a more lux fabric. I’m thinking blue suede or velvet. My plan is to carefully remove the nailhead trim and save it. Then I will switch out the fabrics (maybe replace the batting inside) and add the trim back. I’m going for a big bang, without spending the big bucks. I’ve also considered tufting the headboard, but I think simple is probably better. Isn’t this headboard from Place of My Taste gorgeous?! It looks so sophisticated! 

place of my taste headboard

Bedding Refresh

The big thing that brought on all of this change was my new duvet cover from Serena & Lily. The duvet is the Savoy Links in Fog, a lovely gray color.  They sent it to me to try out, not knowing that it would send me into a room makeover spiral. It’s definitely the nicest bedding I have ever owned. It’s a decent thickness and oh so soft. I love the way it makes the bed look so much more “grown up.” It really needs a lux headboard and nicer throw pillows and shams to really do it justice. Obviously, I have my eye on the matching shams from Serena & Lily. Throw pillows are TBD. I have such a hard time commiting to throw pillows for some reason. Probably because my husband just throws them on the floor.  And now I remember why this project has been on the back burner… it’s a snowball effect. 

master bedroom august

Speaking of the snowball effect, when I think about our bedroom makeover I also think about the future for our house. Meaning, one day we are going to lose the guest room/office when it becomes another kid’s room. This means that some of the furniture in there will be moving to our bedroom, like Jesse’s computer and my late grandmother’s antique trunk. Jesse’s desk is hideous, it’s still a piece of old countertop on top of two cabinets, so I’d like to replace it with a campaign style, simple desk. The trunk will move to the foot of our bed, but we will need to raise the bedframe so the bed is taller than the trunk.

This is all speculative since there’s no bun in the oven currently, but my mind ALWAYS jumps 10 steps ahead whenever I try to makeover a room. This is probably what takes me so long when I work on the house. I have design ADD.

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  1. love the darker blues! can’t wait to see it!

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