Floating Shelf Behind the Couch – Is it a Shelf or is it a Table?

I hung a floating shelf behind the couch to use as a sofa table. The narrow space between the sofa and the wall is perfect for this shelf.

When we were doing party prep I had another project on my to-do list, aside from the mantle, decorations, and everything else, and that was to find a better way to have a sofa table. After we bought our new sectional I knew I wanted a space for lamps, to set drinks, and to have pretty things, so Jesse and I started building a sofa table. It had to be tall enough to go behind the couch, but also skinny to not take up a lot of space. What we built ended up being a wobbly piece of crap, so we scrapped it and went back to the drawing board. I thought about the fact that the curtains would cover the side of the table and no one would ever see anything but the tabletop, and I also thought about how much I liked being able to slide things behind the couch. This all led to me deciding to make our sofa table a floating shelf behind the couch on brackets instead. I went out, bought a 12″ wide piece of white wood, cut it down to size, stained it, and gave it a few layers of poly. Sofa table shelfAfter it was all sealed and ready to go I measured out the spacing of the studs and attached the brackets to my shelf. And then I realized that I’m an idiot and I flipped the shelf the wrong way, so the brackets didn’t line up with the studs. Never fear, that’s what anchors are for! Even though I wanted to doing that, at least it was an option. Shelf sofa tableBoom! A floating sofa table! And look at all the space underneath the shelf! It’s perfect for my lighting kit, which is too big and bulky to go anywhere else, and for my yoga mat since I workout in the living room. sofa table on brackets

I love the contrast of the dark wood and the grey couch, and it’s perfect to have a place to for another vignette, lamps and to set my wine. You know, because I’m too lazy to lean forward to pick my wine glass up from the coffee table. 😉 Living room sofa setup - CopyThis was another super simple project that has really improved the room and we love having the lamps and extra space behind the couch. Sofa table vignetteThis project has also confirmed my love of walnut stain, I’m pretty sure my next project is to stain the top of our coffee table walnut.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve got a blogger meetup, dinner with friends, and lots of time with my husband planned and I’m really looking forward to it. Oh, and sleep, lots of sleep to make up for last weekend at Haven.

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  1. This is exactly what I need for behind my couch. I’ve seen people talking about sofa tables but my cats are always back there…and they are followed by a crawling baby, so I knew a table wouldn’t work. I was just thinking about making it a shelf so thanks for the info on what you used!

  2. Now this is creative! Love it. And I love that you admit when you make a mistake. Really, what a fantastic solution!

  3. That is all sorts of brilliant. Anything that saves space or offers it is a HUGE benefit. And, I love that wedding picture.

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