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Encanto Birthday Party Ideas

Encanto birthday party ideas to create a fun and affordable birthday party. Even if you can’t find a lot of licensed Encanto decorations.

Encanto is a very popular theme for birthday parties currently. But the popularity has made it hard to find themed party supplies. I spent weeks looking for reasonably priced decorations for my daughter’s birthday party. Finally, I decided to create the party elements myself!

encanto birthday party

Like many other children, my daughter insisted on having an Encanto theme for her birthday party this year. I started looking for supplies two months ahead of time, but everything was sold out. There were no Encanto-themed napkins, tablecloths, or other decorations. When I did find decorations on places like Amazon, the prices were outrageous. Nearly $70 for plates, cups, napkins, a tablecloth, and balloons. Finally, a week before the party, I gave up and decided to create my own version of an Encanto birthday party.

To create my own party decorations, I used the setting of the movie as my main inspiration. The Madrigal family lives in a magical casita in the jungles of Columbia. The jungle became my foundation for the decor. Next, I drew inspiration from the family’s outfits. They all dress in bright colors, with greens, blues, pinks, purples, and yellows being the most prominent. Finally, the film is full of flowers thanks to Isabela’s power. So I added some fun flowers as the final touch.

encanto birthday party

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The Key Elements to an Encanto Birthday Party

The Jungle

Since Encanto takes place in the jungles of Columbia, I used that setting as the base for my decorations. The jungle also ties in with Antonio’s bedroom, which is another major aspect of the movie. I found these fun jungle table decorations at Target for $3. It includes 21 individual paper leaves and flowers. The leaves are varying shades of green. The flowers are a lovely golden yellow and peachy pink. I arranged the leaves on the tables as centerpieces. The picture on the packaging was my inspiration and guide. These leaves and flowers would also make excellent wall decor.

Target also carries Jungle Leave garland for only $4. Each pack contains 7 individual garland strands in two different shades of green. The packaging states that this is a garland backdrop. A backdrop is a great idea for a party. And it amplifies the jungle theme. Add a colorful balloon garland to the top of the backdrop to create a fun photo opportunity. Or to serve as a focal point for the food table.

Another idea is to use the garland as a runner on a table. It keeps the table decor simple but still expresses the theme. Or just use it as a garland! Wrap it around the banister. Or drape it on the walls with colorful streamers.

encanto birthday party

Lastly, Target also carries a jungle-themed balloon garland kit for $7. The kit includes 20 balloons in varying shades of red, orange, yellow, and green and 8 foil jungle leaves. There is also a large string of twine and 5 plastic connectors. The balloons attach to the connectors, which are threaded onto the twine to create the balloon garland. I purchased one of these kits from Target for a party years ago. I kept the connectors, so I only need new balloons to make fun balloon garlands for any occasion. For $7, this purchase can’t be beaten!

The Secret to Balloon Garlands

The true secret to making easy balloon garlands is to invest in an electric balloon pump! I have the Idaodan electric balloon pump. It was less than $20 on Amazon. It saves me so much time when preparing for parties. Plus, it makes creating balloon garlands a breeze! I keep a large stash of various colors of balloons and make a garland to celebrate most minor holidays, birthdays, or special achievements. If you host a lot of events or enjoy decorating for parties, you need this balloon pump!

The Encanto Colors

Since licensed Encanto birthday party decorations are hard to find, I relied heavily on pulling colors from the movie. I specifically focused on the colors in the characters’ clothing. There are a lot of blues, purples, reds, pinks, and yellows. My daughter’s favorite character is Isabella, so I decided to focus on pinks, purples, and teal. I purchased teal plastic tablecloths for the tables. Then I layered the jungle decor over them.

I decided to use a matching teal, plus pinks and purples for the balloon garland. Target had a pack of various pink and purple balloons for $1, so I purchased two of those. I incorporated the foil leaves into the garland as well.

Our local bakery didn’t have an option for Encanto cupcakes, so I improvised. I ordered cupcakes with white and blue frosting in a variety of colors. Then I ordered a pack of plastic Encanto rings on Amazon. (The rings are sold out, but they have cupcake toppers!) The morning of the party, I picked up the cupcakes and placed a ring on top of each one. As an extra touch, I also ordered cupcake containers. The containers actually ended up being a great call because it was so windy at the party that the cupcakes would have had leaves and grass in them for sure.

encanto birthday party

This Encanto birthday party was so fun to put together! The jungle decorations, flowers, and festive colors brought the whole theme together. The themed snack boxes made great party favors too.

encanto birthday party

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  1. This is so cute!!! Love all of these decorations!

    Make Life Marvelous

  2. This is ADORABLE (and also I want it to be my party haha). We’re huge Encanto fans around here. I gotta find a way to “adult” this vibe 😉

  3. Neely Moldovan

    So many cute ideas! My two year old is obsessed so she would be all about this!

  4. Okay this is seriously the cutest idea!! Everything turned out amazing. My niece and nephew are obsessed. Will have to send this to my sister for inspo!!


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