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Star Wars Snacks Board for May the 4th

A fun Star Wars snacks board to celebrate May the 4th! It features lightsaber pretzels, Chewbacca cookies, and X-wing-shaped pigs in a blanket.

Star Wars snacks

My family is very into Star Wars. My husband and I both became fans at very young ages. And we pass that enthusiasm on to our kids. So May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, is a very big deal in our house. We all wear our Star Wars t-shirts, eat special Star Wars snacks, and watch a Star Wars movie.

There are so many fun, and easy Star Wars-themed snacks! I created several different options and arranged them on a large tray to create a big Star Wars snack board. Perfect for celebrating May the Fourth, a Star Wars birthday party, or just for a themed movie night.

Star Wars snacks

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Ideas for Different Star Wars Snacks

Lightsaber Pretzels

Lightsaber pretzels are one of the simplest Star Wars snacks to make. They only require two ingredients! Plus, they are a lot of fun.

lightsaber pretzels
Lightsaber Ingredients

First, melt the colored candy melts in the microwave. Be sure to use a microwave-safe mug or measuring cup! The standard lightsaber colors are green, blue, and red. Once the colorful candy is completely melted, dip each pretzel stick in the candy. Be sure that a little more than 3/4s of the pretzel is completely coated in melted candy. Then, place the lightsabers on a sheet of parchment paper to harden. Once the candy coat is hard, either serve the lightsaber pretzels or store them in the refrigerator.

Get the full tutorial for making these easy Lightsaber pretzels!

Star Wars snacks

Rebel Star Wars Snacks

Chewbacca Crunchy Cookies

No party is complete without everyone’s favorite Wookie! Create these fun Chewbacca crunchy cookies for a special Star Wars treat.

Chewbacca cookies
Chewbacca Cookie Ingredients

These little cookies are a breeze to create. First, unpackaged all of the Star Crunch cookies. Then use the black icing to create Chewbacca’s signature utility belt across each cookie. Draw a black line diagonally across each cookie. Next, draw a second diagonal black line a little below the first. Fill in the space between the two lines with more black icing. Once the base of the belt is finished, give the icing a few moments to set. Then, place two dots of silver icing side by side towards the top of the belt. Continue adding pairs of silver dots down the entire belt.

Star Wars snacks

These cookies are so easy, but you can make chocolate oatmeal Wookie Cookies from scratch as well. They are even more delicious!

Pair these fun Star Wars snacks with a Galaxy’s Edge inspired cocktail, like the Yub Nub! A rum and citrus cocktail named for everyone’s favorite furry creatures, the Ewoks!

X-Wing Pigs In a Blanket

Zoom into battle against the Empire with these delicious pigs in a blanket, shaped like X-Wing starfighters!

Star Wars snacks
X-Wing Ingredients

To create these fun little starships, open a can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Layout one sheet of dough on a cutting board. Cut the sheet of dough into thin, half-inch, strips. Place the end of a Lit’l Smokie on the center of a dough strip. Then fold one half of the dough strip diagonally across the Lit’l Smokie. Fold the other half diagonally across the other side.

Cut another strip of dough in half. Use the two halves, along with the original wrapped dough, to create an X. These make up the signature shape of the X-Wing wings.

Then, cut another strip of dough in half. Lay this dough down the length of the Lit’l Smokie. Wrap it around the bottom. Press the ends of this dough strip into the dough at the back half to ensure it all sticks together. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. They come out looking pretty similar to an X-Wing! Serve the starships with a mustard dipping sauce.

x wing snacks

Imperial Star Wars Snacks

Tie Fighter Cheese and Crackers

The Imperial forces have never tasted so delicious! This fun Star Wars spin on cheese and crackers is a delicious snack for anyone!

tie fighter snacks
Tie Fighter Ingredients

Ritz Cheese Crispers make the perfect Tie Fighter wings because they are also octagonal in shape. To create these little cheese and crackers ships, simply place a cube of cheddar cheese between two Ritz Crispers. To get the ships to “stand up” on the wings, use either a bit of melted cheese or a small dab of mayonnaise. Place the melted cheese or mayo on each side of the cheese. Then press the Crispers gently into the sides. The cheese, or mayo, acts as a kind of glue that holds the Tie Fighters together.

Star Wars snacks
Death Star Donut Holes

It’s not Star Wars if there isn’t a Death Star to blow up! These treats actually don’t have any instructions. Just use a few chocolate-covered donut holes and call them Death Stars! Super simple, but still fun!

Creating a Star Wars Snacks Board

After I finished creating my fun Star Wars snacks, I decided to use them to create a fun snack board. I’m a sucker for a themed snack board. Check out my Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Boba Fett boards!

Star Wars snacks

I started with the Chewbacca cookies in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner, I spread out the X-Wing-shaped pigs in a blanket. Below the X-Wings are the Death Star donut holes. Then the green lightsabers. And the red lightsabers next to those. I clustered the Tie Fighter Cheese and Crackers in the lower-left corner, but then I fanned them up through the center of the board. It looks like the Tie Fighters are attacking the X-Wings. The last space between the Chewbacca cookies and the Tie Fighters is where I put the blue lightsabers.

I filled in any large gaps with a few additional donut holes and Star Wars-shaped Goldfish. I was SO excited when I accidentally found these Goldfish at the grocery store. They are perfect for a fun snack board! I bought a few extra bags to save and use for Star Wars movie nights in the future too!

Star Wars snacks

These fun Star Wars snacks are fit for a Jedi, or Sith! Make one for your next Star Wars movie night and enjoy!

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  1. Neely Moldovan

    My kids are obsessed with Star Wrs! This is such a fun idea!

  2. You are the literal QUEEN of creative snack plates. The Tie Fighters and Chewbacca cookies are so freaking cute. Now I totally wanna make this!

  3. This is all so adorable!

  4. I just helped out with my nephew’s One With the Force birthday party and since I was in charge of the food I did a lot of searching for Star Wars food ideas and this blog was my favorite. I had to make some alterations, I couldn’t find candy melts in the colors I needed so I just ended up making royal icing instead and my wookie cookie bandolier ended up a little different but I got a lot of ideas from you. And they were all such a big success and everything was eaten right up and everyone loved it. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a big lover of x wings and pigs in a blanket so I loved your idea and those were such a big hit.

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