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Birthday Party Snack Box for Kids

Creating a birthday party snack box for kids is a fun way to serve snacks. Each box fits the party theme and is full of treats and party favors for each guest.

We recently hosted our first real children’s birthday party. I say “first real” because it’s the first time our daughter had classmates to invite to a party. We hosted a lovely Encanto themed party outside. Rather than prepare a lot of snacks for the guests, I created individual snack boxes for each kid. The boxes were fun and doubled as party favors!

snack box for kids

I recently saw these cute DIY charcuterie boxes, and they inspired me to make snack boxes for the kids. I filled my boxes with individually packaged snacks, treats and party favors. The boxes are easy to theme for any party. And the boxed snack possibilities are endless.

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birthday party snack box

DIY Snack Box for Kids

Birthday party snack boxes are a great idea for many reasons. First, they save time. It was so much easier for me to place premade snacks into boxes a few days before the party. Versus making a bunch of food and snacks. Second, there’s less waste. Instead of throwing out party leftovers I have a basket of leftover snacks for school lunches and outings. Third, it’s more sanitary. Kids are gross. So instead of runny-nose Susie sticking her hands in the chips, she has her own little box of treats.

All you really need to create these fun little snack boxes are small pastry boxes. However, I added a bit of fun decoration to make mine more festive. My decoration was just some colorful paper shreds that went with the Encanto theme of the party. Every box also contained a festive napkin.

I also included the party favors inside every box. I snagged these Encanto party favors on Amazon. They included keychains, bracelets, pins and stickers. Each box contained two stickers and two of the other favors. It was fun to give everyone a tangible package to take home that contained non-food goodies.

snack box for kids

Snack Box Supplies

When it came to snacks, I relied on Costco. They offer so many individually packaged snacks in bulk! I purchased a large box of Goldfish and a box of fruit snacks. I also purchased a large bag of Starburst candy at Target. For drinks, I served Capri-Sun in a cooler. But the drinks could easily go inside the snack boxes too.

Snack Ideas for the Boxes

  • Goldfish
  • Pirates Booty
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Fruit snacks
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Chocolate

How to Create a Birthday Party Snack Box for Kids

To create these fun snack boxes for the kids, I started with an empty pastry box. Then I added a layer of colorful paper shreds to the bottom of the box. Next, I added a fun napkin to each snack box. The napkins are a great opportunity to follow the theme of the party. We had an Encanto themed party. Unfortunately, everywhere was sold out of Encanto napkins. I used colorful rainbow napkins instead.

Once the decorative aspects are in the box, add the snacks! My snack boxes contained a bag of Goldfish, two bags of fruit snacks and two Starburst candies. I also added fun party favors and stickers to each box. Then, I topped each box off with an additional sticker on top.

diy snack box for kids

A snack box for kids is a fun way to elevate any party or playdate. They are simple to make, and pretty affordable too!

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  1. These snack boxes are a great idea! Also, I love that you had an Encanto theme for the birthday party. My husband and I LOVE Encanto and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us somehow incorporated it into any upcoming occasions haha. It’s just so good!

  2. This is such a fun idea! I just love theme! Also, I still haven’t seen Encanto but it’s on my list. It looks like a really cute movie!


  3. Neely Moldovan

    Oh what a great idea! I may do this for my daughters next birthday!

  4. This is such a great idea!! Especially because, like you said, kids are not the most sanitary lol! I love the Encanto theme.

  5. I love this snack box idea, so genius for birthday parties! The Encanto theme sounds so fun & love that you incorporated it into the box as well

  6. This is so cute! I don’t have kids but I almost would love someone making me a snack box like this!

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