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A Moana Themed Birthday Party For A Two-Year-Old

My toddler is obsessed with Moana, so we threw her a Moana themed birthday party. We kept decorations simple and inexpensive, but still fun!

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe that my baby girl is 2! She is currently obsessed with Moana, so naturally she had to have a Moana themed birthday party! I had so much fun decorating and setting up her little party. The best part is that she kept pointing and saying “Ooooo! Decorations!” I also managed to keep the cost for decor under $40, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Moana birthday party

A Moana Themed Birthday Party On A Budget

Moana Themed Decorations

My original plan was to buy some luau decorations from the Dollar Tree and then just buy a few Moana things. But there was ZERO luau stuff at the store! I guess because it’s not summer yet. Luckily, I did manage to find stuff at Party City and Walmart that wasn’t very expensive. I focused most of my efforts on decorating the dining room, since that’s where most of the birthday action usually happens. I used a large painting drop cloth folded in fourths as a table runner. Then, I sprinkled faux hibiscus flowers down it. In my head the drop cloth was kind of like sand since it was a sandy color. Moana party table runner

For the centerpiece I wrapped a few luau leis around a large vase and stuck Moana and Maui inside. Super cute, super simple. Moana birthday party centerpieceMoana birthday table decorations

Save Money By Skipping Themed Plates

I saved money by buying plates and plastic utensils at the Dollar Tree. Then, I just bought Moana napkins. Plain purple cups with Moana stickers on them was a fun, inexpensive addition. Moana themed birthday party

Moana Themed Food

We had two parties, one for little friends in the morning and family in the afternoon. For the morning party, we served pigs in a blanket and had an area to make your own parfait. There were juice boxes for the kids and mimosas and coffee for the adults. In lieu of a cake at 10 am Jesse baked a bunch of muffins the night before and I topped them with some DIYed cupcake toppers. They were literally just toothpicks with Moana stickers on them, but they made the muffins seem a little more special.

In the afternoon, we had more pigs in a blanket with chips and dip. We also had a Moana cake that I ordered from the grocery store. Since my daughter doesn’t really have a cake preference at this point in her life, I went with my favorite flavor: CHOCOLATE. There was about 1/4 of the cake leftover and this preggo totally ate it after the birthday girl went to bed. Moana birthday cake

A Moana Themed Birthday Party Mantel

I kept things simple in the living room since all of my daughter’s friends were going to be running around and playing. The mantle and chandelier were decorated with a few Moana hanging swirl decorations. I also added some fresh flowers, a Moana book and an old gurgle pot on the mantle. Everything was so simple and still got the point across. I even got a giant poster for $4 at Walmart that I hung over her toy area. Moana birthday decorationsMoana themed toddler birthday party

My daughter had an absolute blast with her Moana themed birthday party and I almost don’t want to put it all away. Almost. I think I may move a few things into her room, like the poster, so she can enjoy them for a few more months. Moana toddler birthday partySo far, decorating for birthday parties is on my list for favorite things about having kids! I always have such a blast using my creative energy to do something special for the people I love. Last year I did a one year party in pink and gold, like her nursery. I can’t wait to do a birthday party for Baby Girl #2 next year and to let my oldest really pick her own theme for her 3rd birthday!

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  1. I love the Moana centerpiece and DIY cupcake toppers!

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