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Valentines Day Movies for Kids

These Valentines Day movies for kids are the perfect movies for February. They feature love between family, friends, and romantic stories.

Movies help build excitement for events and holidays. They are my favorite way to mark special occasions with my kids. Every February we watch Valentine’s Day and love themed movies. There are so many fun Valentines Day movies for kids on Disney Plus and other streaming platforms. These movies feature classic romantic love stories, as well as family and friendship love stories.

A collage of four Valentines Day movies for kids.

Animated Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids

A selection of animated movies that are perfect Valentines Day movies for kids. These movies feature romance, friendship, and the Valentine’s Day holidays.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and the gang celebrate Valentine’s Day in their classroom. Poor Charlie Brown doesn’t get any Valentine’s though. (Watch on AppleTV+)

A Charlie Brown Valentine

Linus tries to escape from Sally since she wants him to be her Valentine. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown dances with Peppermint Patty. (Watch on AppleTV+)

Beauty and the Beast

An arrogant prince is cursed to live as a beast until he finds true love. When a bold, compassionate woman named Belle comes to his castle to rescue her father, she flips his cursed castle upside down. (Watch on Disney+)


A young woman named Cinderella is forced to act as a maid for her stepmother and stepsisters. Her fairy godmother helps her make it to the ball where she meets Prince Charming. (Watch on Disney+)


A Romeo and Juliette retelling featuring the elements of Fire and Water. The two elements don’t mix, but they can’t help being drawn together. (Watch on Disney+)

Gnomeo and Juliet

Another creative twist on the classic Shakespeare story. This story features two garden gnomes that fall in love despite the ongoing feud between neighbors. (Watch on Disney+)

Lady and the Tramp

The classic story of a wealthy pampered dog named Lady and a dog, Tramp, from the wrongside of the tracks. The two meet and fall in love despite their differences. (Watch on Disney+).

The Little Mermaid

A young mermaid named Ariel is obsessed with all things human, despite protests from her father. She trades her voice for legs to have a chance at human life and a future with Prince Eric. (Watch on Disney+).

The Peanuts Movie

The Little Red-Headed Girl moves to Charlie Brown’s neighborhood. He starts a journey to win her over. Meanwhile Snoopy has a crush on Fifi the new poodle in town. (Watch on Disney+).

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is determined young woman who dreams of running her own restaurant. She kisses a frog who swears he’s a prince. But the result isn’t what either of them expected. (Watch on Disney+).

Robin Hood

The classic story of England’s most famous outlaw, told through Disney Animation. This story is full of adventure and romance between Robin Hood and Maid Marion. (Watch on Disney+).

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is placed under a curse by the evil Maleficent. The only way to break the curse is with true love’s kiss. (Watch on Disney+).


Rapunzel longs for a life of adventure, so she kidnaps a thief and blackmails him into being her guide on an adventure through the kingdom. Along the way they learn more about each other and their new dreams. (Watch on Disney+).


A lovable robot named Wall-E has been alone for years. Then a new robot named EVE comes to Earth and he is immediately smitten. (Watch on Disney+).


Little Thumbelina is worried she will never meet anyone her size. Then one night she meets Cornelius, the Prince of the Fairies. (Watch on Hulu with Starz Subscription).

The Swan Princess

A beautiful princess falls in love with a prince. But she is under an evil magician’s spell that turns her into a swan when the moon isn’t out. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video).


An ogre named Shrek strikes a deal with the evil Lord Farquaad to rid his swamp of fairytale creatures. He has to rescue Princess Fiona on behalf of Farquaad. But the princess is not what he expected. (Watch on PeacockTV).

Madly Madagascar

Alex, Melman, Marty, and Gloria explore the concept of love as Valentine’s Day approaches. (Rent on Vudu).

Live-Action Valentine’s Day Movies

A selection of live-action movies that are excellent Valentines Day movies for kids. These movies feature romance, friendship, and the Valentine’s Day holidays.


The children of the villains are invited to attend school with the heroes. But they don’t expect to find friendship, happiness, and love between the two very different types of descendants. (Watch on Disney+).


An animated princess is sent to the real world by an evil queen. There she meets a handsome lawyer and tries to make her fairytale happy ending come true in the real world. (Watch on Disney+).

High School Musical

Troy and Gabriella meet during kareoke on winter vacation and sparks fly. Later, Gabriella transfers to Troy’s school by chance. She encourages him to break out of the status quo and do the school musical with her. (Watch on Disney+).

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

A made-for-tv movie modeled after the Cinderella Broadway show by Rodgers and Hammerstein. This movie stars Brandy, Whitney Houston, Bernadette Peters, Whoopi Goldberg, and more. (Watch on Disney+).

The Little Mermaid

The live-action retelling of the Disney animated classic. This movie features songs you love from the original, plus new original songs. This movie stars Halle Bailey as Ariel. (Watch on Disney+).

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

On her graduation trip to Italy, Lizzie gets caught up in a whirlwind romance with a famous Italian popstar. But she slowly realizes that love has been under her nose all along. (Watch on Disney+).


A fun gender-swapped Cinderella story about an aspiring sneaker designer named El. He works in the stock room of a shoe store, until a chance meeting with Kira King (a version of Princess Charming) encourages him to go for his dreams. (Watch on Disney+).

Free Rein: Valentine’s Day

“Zoe and her friends embark on an adventure to find the fabled Maid’s Stone. However, when they run into trouble, Raven comes to their rescue.” (Watch on Netflix)

Little Rascals

The Rascals scheme to put an end to Alfalfa and Darla’s relationship to get their friend back. They want him back for the soapbox derby, but their scheming messes with their chances of winning. (Watch on PeacockTV).

Ella Enchanted

As a baby, Ella is cursed to always do as she’s told. Her stepmother and stepsisters abuse this power, so Ella guards herself. She embarks on a journey with the handsome Prince Charmont to free herself from the curse. (Watch on PlutoTV).

Valentine's Day Movies and Specials for Preschool Kids

Valentine’s Day Movies and Specials for Preschool Kids

A selection of preschool Valentines Day movies for kids. These age-appropriate movies and television episodes feature family and friendship love in a fun way for little ones.

Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You

Owl diagnoses Christopher Robin with “love sickness” so the gang sets out on an adventure to find the cure. (Watch on Disney+).

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – “It’s Love Day/Daniel’s Love Day Surprise”

Daniel shows his friends and family how much he loves them through songs and a heart scavenger hunt. (Watch with a PBS Kids Subscription on Amazon Prime).

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Valentine’s Day Special

Mouse wants to make a giant Valentine’s Day cookie for Oliver to show him how big his feelings are for his best friend. (Watch on Amazon Prime Video).

Pinkalicious & Peterrific – “Cupid Calls It Quits”

It’s Valentine’s Day in Pinkville! Peter and Pinkalicious meet Cupid and he wants to swap places with them. Cupid becomes a real kid for a day, while Pinkalicious takes over his duties as Cupid. (Watch with a PBS Kids Subscription on Amazon Prime).

Pinkalicious & Peterrific – “Pinklove/Duocorn”

Pinkalicious can’t wait to show her classmates how much she loves them with homemade Valentine’s collages. (Watch with a PBS Kids Subscription on Amazon Prime).

Sesame Street – Elmo Loves You

Elmo makes a special Valentine for someone he loves, but the wind blows it away. Rosita and Grover try to help him find it. They all learn about love, emotions, and friendship. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video).

True: Happy Hearts Day

“True and Bartleby try to cheer up the Rainbow Kingdom’s loneliest citizen, but his gloomy mood is contagious.” (Watch on Netflix).

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