How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are a simple and affordable way to decorate your home for birthday parties or special occasions. All you need to make these pom poms is tissue paper in a few fun colors, thread and a pair of scissors! There are many different ways to decorate with tissue paper pom poms too. Hang them from light fixtures, bunch them in the corners of doorways or add them to a balloon arch.

tissue paper pom pom *This post was originally published May 28, 2013. It was updated April 20, 2021.*

I make tissue paper pom poms for many different occasions, like my little sister’s graduation party and my kids’ birthdays. They are ridiculously simple to make and very inexpensive.

Pom Pom Supplies

– Tissue paper (8-10 pieces per pom pom)
– Thread
– Scissors
– A show to watch on Netflix (Here’s a few of my favorites!)

tissue paper pom pom

How to Make Paper Pom Poms

Start with 8-10 sheets of standard tissue paper to create a large, full ball. I bought all of my tissue paper at Target for $1.50 per package of single color tissue paper. Each package contains 8 sheets of tissue paper. I simply opened the package and laid out my paper. Then, I folded the stack of tissue paper accordion style. tissue paper pom pom

Once you finish folding all of the tissue paper accordion style, fold it in half to create a crease in the middle of the paper. Use a pair of scissors and make a small cut on each side of the crease. Don’t cut all the way through the paper! Just cut two slits. Once the slits are cut, take the thread, wrap it around the stack of paper between the slits and tie a knot. tissue paper pom pom

Tie the tissue paper securely together. Then use scissors to round both edges of the tissue paper stack. The rounded edges make the pom poms look more flower-like and polished. Once you finish rouding the edges of the tissue paper, lay the pom pom down and fan out either side. Then, slowly pulling up each sheet of tissue paper one at a time. Since my pom poms consist of 8 sheets of paper I pulled up 4 sheets on one side, then flipped it over to pull up the other four. tissue paper pom pom

Be careful not to tear the tissue paper as you pull them up! Once each sheet of tissue paper has been pulled up, give the pom poms a little fluff to create full, round puffs. I absolutely love the look of hanging the pom poms in clumps of three contrasting colors. tissue paper pom pom

If you wanted to make smaller paper pom poms to add to a larger pom pom cluster, a balloon garland or as table top decor, simply use smaller sheets of tissue paper. tissue paper pom pom

These pom poms are so cute and fun! Have you ever made them before?

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