Sherwin Williams Mink – Living Room Accent Wall

We created an accent wall in our living room using Sherwin Williams Mink. It’s a warm charcoal color and makes a huge visual impact on the space.

Nothing makes a space feel more like “mine” than when I paint it. I absolutely love using bold paint colors, like bright green and Tiffany’s inspired blue. When we started making over our living room I wanted to have a bold accent wall, but I didn’t want to use a bright or contrasting color. I found Sherwin Williams Mink and new it was the perfect choice! It is a warm charcoal color that adds a lot of depth to the space.

sherwin williams mink

Sherwin Williams Mink Accent Wall

Originally, this wall was a darker, peachy, beige. Honestly, it reminded me of a Band-Aid. It wasn’t a good look. I wanted to update the wall color to make the space feel more modern. It was tricky picking a color that coordinates with the natural wood trim in the house, but the warm undertones of Sherwin Williams Mink compliment the trim without feeling dated. Painting this wall was quite a feat, for Jesse. He had to use a large extension ladder to get to the top of the two story wall! But he did such a great job!
sherwin williams mink

See! Much better! The difference between these two photos is kind of amazing because, even though Sherwin Williams Mink is a darker color, the space feels bigger and brighter. It stands out against the other walls and trim work. It’s just a refreshing difference!

sherwin williams mink

I love the way Sherwin Williams Mink looks against the wood trim! The color is very modern so it eliminates that “log cabin from the 80’s” feel of the house. Now I just need some curtains, to get some paint on the other two walls, and to get my husband to climb back on the 17 foot ladder to take down the rest of the tape (and get out of the way of my photos).

sherwin williams mink


In addition to the Sherwin Williams Mink wall, I added a fun 3-D letter display to add interest to the wall without distracting from the color. We painted the other walls Olympic Faint Flicker. The pale gray of Faint Flicker was the perfect compliment to Mink. We added curtains with a medallion pattern in various shades of blue. Plus, a large gray sectional that really tied the space together. I was very happy with how this room came together.

sherwin williams mink

What do you think of the color we used? Are you working on a particular room redesign? What makes a room feel most like home to you? 

sherwin williams mink

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  1. I love the color you’ve chosen! It not only compliments the color of your wood, it also goes beautifully with the brick in your fireplace. I can already imagine some patterned curtains warming up the space. I can’t wait for you to finish the room so we can see the final reveal.

    BTW, love Jesse’s little happy dance!

  2. Very nice job complimenting the wood trim.

    We’re in the middle of painting our bedroom right now. My goodness does it make a space feel like yours. The room is only halfway painted and Meredith is already talking about how much better it looks. So we definitely understand.

    Jesse looks like he’s disappearing ala Back to the Future style.

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