Garage Organization – The Never Ending Battle

Tips for garage organization on a tight budget. I used things we had on hand and the Monkey Bars Yard Too Rack to calm our chaotic garage.

Our garage never seems to stay clean! It descends into chaos every time we do a home improvement project. Or get a lot of deliveries. Or do yard work. One reason for this was our lack of garage organization.

Our garage was a disorganized mess. There was no place to park a car. Sawdust was always everywhere. Things that we’d been meaning to list on Craigslist for months were scattered around. Not to mention you cannot find a single tool anywhere. Except for the ones we rarely use which have been hanging up since the last time I cleaned the garage.

messy garage

Finally, I reached my limit. It was time to do something about this mess. I didn’t have the budget to purchase any cute organizing systems. So I mostly used what we had on hand!

I started by clearing out every item in the middle of the floor and designating spots for the big things. This helped me to figure out where to put certain tools and equipment. Like a designated spot for the lawnmower and all of it’s accessories. 

garage organization

Then, I hung all of the tools back up. I even got a little plastic drawer organizer for things like gloves, sandpaper, screws, and of course those miscellaneous items. 

organized garage

The thing that has been the most helpful in getting things organized, and out of the middle of the floor, is this Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack that the folks at Garage Solutions of Richmond sent to me! 

Monkey Bar yard tool rack

This rack is great! It looks kind of like a pull up bar when you first put it in (not that I recommend using it that way) and then you attach the various sized hooks by simply sliding them on and snapping them into place. 

Monkey Bar system

The brackets that hold the bar screw directly into the studs in your garage so that everything is very secure. Again you could probably do pull ups on it, but don’t! It is also very important to make this face while crewing things into the wall: 

drill face

Having this rack hanging in the garage definitely helped things be a little more organized. Now I can fuss at my husband when he just lays stuff in the middle of the floor. Eventually I’m hoping to get some shelves up in the garage so I can keep all of our Christmas decorations, seasonal decorations and wreaths, and camping/hunting stuff up off the floor.

I’d love for my garage to look like one of the Garage Solutions of Richmond garages! 

The organization of it all makes me drool! I love a good organized space!

*Disclaimer: I did recieve a Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack to try out from Garage Solutions of Richmond; however all opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way for this post.*


  1. This looks awesome! Also, I make the same face when I screw things into the wall :P

  2. We just organized our garage this weekend too. It’s been a mess since we moved in over 4 months ago. We got Fast Track from Rubbermaid to hang all our yard tools. Definitely makes the space more functional. Thankfully we also have a shed out back that stores the mower.

  3. The same thing happens with our guest bedroom closet, which holds all our tools. I’m jealous that you have that huge garage for storage! :D

  4. that’s awesome!! good job!

  5. Our garage is filled to the brim since moving day. There is still stuff out there that doesn’t belong and we can’t find anything in there! We are waiting until fall to clean it out though, because the furnace is in there, so the garage is usually really hot!

  6. Ahh! It looks so awesome! I love a good organized garage! That’s one thing that I wish my house had – a decent garage space. It’s very hard to keep things organized in our teeny tiny little shed!

  7. i hate hate our garage. there is so much crap in there! and it is not organized either. bless your heart for cleaning yours up for your husband..

  8. haha boys. :) We use our enclosed porch (which doubles as the entryway to our house) right now for similar items/purposes and after 3 summers of cleaning it out because it was an embarrassing DISASTER, we swore not to mess it up again. I think it will help once we actually finish that room and make it an actual PORCH. :P

  9. Holy cow, Ashley. It looks AMAZING. Fabulous job, love. If you get a sec, I’m sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo

  10. Woah! Let’s not throw all of the men under the bus, haha. Some of us like a well organized work space. I’m looking forward to the day when I can have a nice shed with some overhead storage, plenty of drawers to organize small things, wall hooks to hang yard tools, and a nice work bench with shelves for power tools and the like. It will be a holy place. Right now everything is either in the closet or in the crawlspace. Bleh.

  11. We very badly need to clean out the garage. Ryan can’t even find anything. But it just seems like a hopeless battle.

    Yours looks great!

  12. This loos so great! Want to come organize my garage next? :)

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