A Splash of Paris for the House – A DIY Paris Wreath with a Burlap Bow

Love Paris? Create your own Paris wreath using a grapevine wreath, burlap bow and Paris-themed print or trinket.

We will be climbing on a plane and heading to Europe in 10 short days! I’m so excited, but there’s also so much to do before we leave! I spent most of the weekend cleaning the house and making lists of all the things I need to do.

I also carved out a little bit of time for myself to do some crafting and make a Paris wreath.Burlap Bow Wreath-pin

I really want to update some of our decorations for fall before we leave since it’ll be October when we get back and fall will be in full swing. I can’t get behind on my seasonal decorating 😉 I also wanted to do something to incorporate our trip into some of the decor, without over-killing it. burlap bow paris wreath.jp

I got the grapevine wreath and cute little Eiffel Tower picture from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts for less than $5, and I already had the burlap in my fabric stash.fall wreath 2013

I made the burlap bow by cutting out a large strip of burlap. I don’t know how long because I never measure anything. I’m a bad blogger. Crossing the strip over itself to make an X type shape.diy burlap bow

Then scrunch up the middle of your X and tie it tight with some twine or string.create a burlap bow

To make your bow a bit prettier and look more finished wrap a small strip of burlap around the twine and hot glue it in the back.burlap bow

I hot glued my bow and my little Paris picture, I think it’s supposed to be a passport or something for scrapbooking, to the grapevine wreath wrapped a small piece of ribbon around the top and hung it on the front door! It’s like the house is wishing us bon voyage! 😉fall front door wreath

How was everyone’s weekends? Do anything fun? Are you ready for fall crafts?

Also, my next post at Virginia is for Bloggers went live today, so check it out here!

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  1. I got my house semi-ready for Fall, too. I pulled out my bag of pine cones, my Fall tablecloth and my two wire urns. I filled the urns with my gold pine cones and placed them on my dining room sideboard, then put the Fall tablecloth on. I pulled out my huge white turkey platter and propped in on an easel between the urns on the sideboard. Voila! Dining room set for Fall! Now if the rest of the house was that easy…

  2. I’m anxiously awaiting fall! Especially since we have a leftover straw bale from our grass seeding that we’ve decided to use for our front steps as fall decor. It’s suppose to be 95 on Wednesday though, so I’m going to wait until the weekend when it’s only suppose to be in the 70’s! Yay, cooler weather!

    BTW, the wreath is cute! Love the bow and the paris touch.

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