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Pink and Gold Birthday Party for a 1-Year-Old

An adorable pink and gold birthday party for a one-year-old. Baby’s nursery is pink and gold, so that also became the theme for her birthday.

I had so much fun planning Baby Girl’s first birthday a few weeks ago. I decided on a simple pink and gold theme, inspired by her nursery and baby showers. We also ended up throwing two parties. A brunch party in the morning for Baby Girl’s little friends and their parents (aka our friends). Then, an afternoon party with our families.

pink and gold birthday brunch

The dining room was the focal point for the party since that’s where the food was. The table cloth was canvas drop cloth and a yard of pink polka dot fabric. I used some gold striped vases that I made a few years ago for pink alstroemeria and number 1 balloons. Alstroemeria is great for decorating because it’s so cheap at the grocery store and lasts forever. I also made a tissue paper garland for the birthday girl’s highchair.

pink and gold first birthday

In the living room, I hung a few tissue paper pom poms from the chandelier and decorated the mantel with white, pink and gold. The CELEBRATE banner was another Target Dollar Spot score, as was the pink candle and pink bottle. The framed prints were borrowed from the gallery wall in my bedroom.

pink and gold birthday decorations

I made a little display using all of Baby Girl’s monthly photos for the wall in the kitchen. They are actually still hanging up because I love looking at them. It’s so crazy to see how much she’s grown and changed in just a year!

first birthday monthly photo display
monthly photos first birthday

For the brunch party, we served assorted flavors of muffins, fruit salad, and egg cups with red pepper, onion, and sausage. I found cute little pink easels in the Dollar Spot at Target which I used to label the food. There’s nothing worse than thinking a muffin is chocolate chip and biting in to discover it’s blueberry.

egg and sausage cups birthday brunch

We also had a little mimosa bar for the brunch party. I know that there’s an ongoing debate in the mom world about serving alcohol at your kid’s birthday parties. But we figured what the hell. It’s our party too, kinda. I mean she doesn’t even remember it.

brunch party mimosa bar

In the afternoon, we had crackers and spinach dip, a veggie tray, pink lemonade, and pizza. The pizza was a nod to how much pizza I ate when I was pregnant. I had it at least twice a week. At least.

first birthday pink and gold decor

We also did cupcakes and Baby Girl’s smash cake in the afternoon. I baked the cake and cupcakes (from a box) and topped them with pink vanilla icing. I used ramekins for Baby Girl’s cake and iced it more like a naked cake. Mostly to cut back on the amount of sugar.

baby birthday smash cake

Baby Girl loved being sung too. I’m talking huge, wrinkly nose smile and clapping the whole time. She also LOVED the cake. There was zero hesitation. She just dove right in. She probably ate 1/3 of it before I decided she had enough and took it away.

first birthday cake smash

We were so exhausted by the end of everything but were also very glad to have done it all on the same day. Like ripping off a band-aid. A gold, glittery band-aid. I seriously had so much fun planning this party. I’m excited for many more years of birthday party fun, especially when she can decide on her own theme.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful little girl and your party looks spectacular! I particularly loved the monthly pictures! Too cute! You did an incredible job making it look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your special moment!

  2. Oh, what a lovely birthday! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. How is she already a year old?! Haha these photos are SO cute! Looks like a wonderful celebration!

  4. Karla Holley | Small Town Rambler

    So many adorable decoration and delicious food…what wonderful memories! Your little girl is so precious!

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