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Marvel Easter Eggs

Make these superhero Marvel Easter eggs to place in a fun Marvel-themed Easter basket. They are simple, affordable, and adorable!

If you have a Marvel fan in your house, these Marvel Easter eggs are the perfect addition to their basket! Pair them with a gift of Marvel Funko Pops or LEGO! Or just make them as a display for the holiday.

Marvel Easter eggs

Marvel Easter Egg Supplies

  • Wooden or Plastic Eggs – I found packs of wooden eggs in the Bullseye’s Playground area of my local Target. You can also find some in the Target craft area, or at Michael’s Crafts.
  • Acrylic Craft Paint – This project requires painting the eggs with craft paint. You need colors that coordinate with your favorite Marvel superheroes. Usually, those colors include black, red, blue, white, green, and gray. But you may need other colors depending on the heroes you choose.
  • Cricut Joy – The symbols for these eggs are very small, so I found it easier to use my Cricut Joy to cut them.
  • Removable vinyl – The vinyl acts as a stencil, so it needs to be removable.
  • Transfer tape – Transfer tape is necessary since the superhero designs are small but detailed. Use it to transfer your vinyl onto the eggs.
  • Weeder – The weeder tool is helpful for weeding out the small symbols. I also used it for peeling the vinyl stencils off of my Marvel Easter eggs.
  • Sharpie (Regular and Fine Point) – There was a little bleeding with my Cricut stencils. So I used a black Sharpie marker to crisply define the symbols. I also needed a fine point marker to make the details for the Winter Soldier egg.

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How to Make These Marvel Easter Egg Crafts

These Marvel Easter eggs are a very simple craft project. And the vinyl stencils cut on the Cricut make them even easier!

Paint a Base Color for Each Egg

First, paint the Easter eggs a base color. This base color should be the color you want the actual hero design to be. For example, a Black Widow egg is black with a red hourglass. So red is the base color. It is easier to paint black over red than red over black. For the Captain America egg, white is the base color. The star is white and there are white stripes. The area around the star is dark blue, so it goes over white more easily than trying to paint over dark blue with white.

The Hulk egg is the only exception to this. It is easier to paint the whole egg green. Then carefully paint the black symbol using the stencil.

Marvel Easter eggs

Choose Your Characters and Paint Colors

There are twelve Marvel Easter eggs. And each egg represents a different character. These are the characters I chose and their coordinating paint colors.

  • Black Widow – Red and Black
  • Hulk – Green and Black
  • Hawkeye – Purple and Gray
  • The Winter Soldier (Bucky) – Red, Gray, and Black
  • Captain America (Steve) – White, Blue, and Red
  • Ant-Man – Silver and Red
  • Thor – Silver and Red
  • Iron Man – Gold and Red
  • Spiderman – Red and Black
  • Captain Marvel – Gold, Blue, and Red
  • Black Panther – Silver and Black
  • Avengers – White and Blue

Create the Marvel Easter Egg Symbols in Cricut Design Space

First, find the Marvel symbols in Cricut Design Space. There are a lot of great paid and free options. Resize the images to be about 1″ tall. The eggs are small, so you need small-size images. Once all of the symbols are sized and placed, click Make It to cut them on the vinyl.

Cutting Vinyl with the Cricut Joy

A pop-up will appear asking “How will you load all of your materials for this project?” Select “On Mat” if attaching your vinyl to a mat. The Cricut Joy also allows you to cut Smart Materials without a mat. So if you use Removable Smart Vinyl, you don’t need a mat.

After selecting your materials, load the vinyl, and click “Go.” Then wait for your vinyl to finish cutting. Unload the material and weed out your designs. Use transfer tape to transfer the designs to the eggs.

How to Use Transfer Tape

Cut transfer tape to match the size of the symbols Carefully peel off the transfer tape backing as you adhere the tape to your design. Use a scraper tool to firmly press the design into the transfer tape. Then slowly peel the transfer tape up with the vinyl attached. If some spots don’t peel, bring the tape back over that section and press it firmly into the vinyl with your fingernail.

Line up the design on the egg. Since the eggs are slightly round, it helps to cut a few slits in the transfer tape. This helps it wrap around the egg without folding the design. Firmly press the transfer tape and vinyl onto the wood surface. Then slowly peel away the transfer tape.

Marvel Easter eggs

Finishing the Marvel Easter Eggs

Once the stencil is in place on the egg, paint over it with the other colors for your design. Then use the weeding tool to peel the vinyl off the egg. Eggs need about 2-3 coats of paint to fully cover the wood or base layer of paint.

Use a Sharpie, or permanent marker, to trace some of the designs if the edges aren’t crisp. This helps the symbols stand out. And gives the Marvel Easter eggs a more polished look.

Marvel Easter eggs

Winter Soldier Egg

For the Winter Soldier egg, use a fine-point permanent marker to draw the lines around the red star. It finishes off the egg nicely.

Winter Soldier Easter egg

These Marvel Easter eggs are a fun craft project. And a great alternative to dying eggs! You can save them and reuse them each year. Or repaint them!

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