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Marvel Christmas Ornament Craft

Create a fun DIY Marvel Christmas ornament using ball ornaments and vinyl cut on a Cricut Joy. These are the perfect craft for Marvel fans!

I love decorating Christmas trees around our house in various themes that reflect our passions. We’ve had a Star Wars tree for years. And last year I put up a Marvel Christmas tree in my office.

For my tree, I made my own Marvel Christmas ornaments. Trademarked ornaments from the store can be expensive. DIYing my Marvel ornaments saved me a ton of money. Plus, it was a really fun craft project.

marvel christmas ornament

Marvel Christmas Ornament Supplies

  • Colorful ball (or disc) ornaments
  • Glitter ornaments (Tutorial to make your own)
  • Cricut Joy
  • Black, red, silver, and gold vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Scissors

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How to Make These Marvel Christmas Ornament Crafts

These are very simple ornament crafts. Especially if you are already familiar with working with vinyl.

marvel christmas ornament

Use Disc or Ball Ornaments

I made my ornaments using ball ornaments. However, placing vinyl on round surfaces is a bit tricky. To make this project even easier, use disc ornaments instead. The surface is flatter, which makes applying the vinyl a breeze!

The first step for creating these Marvel ornaments is to decide which characters you want to include on your tree. Find their logos in Cricut Design Space.

Choose ornaments in colors that correspond with your characters. For example, a red, white, or blue ornament is perfect for Captain America. An Iron Man ornament should be red or gold. Green ornaments work for Hulk or Loki. And purple ornaments are great for Black Panther.

Next, select the vinyl color for each character. Black is a safe bet for most characters. So are gold and silver. A lot of my favorite characters’ symbols are red. Like Scarlet Witch and Black Widow.

Choose Your Colors and Characters

Once I chose all of my characters I paired character logos and ornament colors together.

  • Captain Americas – Red and white vinyl on a blue ornament.
  • Winter Soldier – Red vinyl on a blue ornament.
  • Captain Marvel – Gold vinyl on a red ornament.
  • Scarlet Witch – Red vinyl on a gray or gold ornament.
  • Black Widow – Red vinyl on a black ornament.
  • Black Panther – Black vinyl on a purple ornament.
  • Iron Man – Gold vinyl on a red ornament.
  • Spider-Man – I chose a glittery silver vinyl on a red ornament. This was just a fun choice.
  • Thor – Silver vinyl on a red ornament.
  • Loki – Gold vinyl on a green ornament.
  • Hulk – Black vinyl on a green ornament.
  • Hawkeye – Black vinyl on a purple ornament.
  • Avengers Logo – I chose silver vinyl on any color ornament.

Next, cut out the character symbols with a Cricut Joy or another vinyl cutter. Weed out the symbols to remove the excess vinyl.

After all the symbols are weeded, apply transfer tape to the design. If you’re using round ornaments it helps to make a few cuts in the transfer tape. The cuts give your more maneuverability.

Apply the vinyl symbol to the ornament and peel away the transfer tape. Smooth out any bubbles with your finger.

marvel christmas ornament

Get the Most Out of Your Vinyl

Be careful when weeding out your vinyl. For many designs, the excess vinyl is the inverse of the symbol. For example, the Hulk symbol is a fist inside of a circle. When you weed out the vinyl around the fist in one piece it is still a fist inside of a circle. This was a fun way to make variations of the same character into a different Marvel Christmas ornament.

Hang your Marvel Christmas ornament on your tree. It’s the perfect ornament for MCU fans for the holidays. Check out my finished Marvel Christmas tree!

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