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June 2021 Favorites

This summer got off to a bit of a rough start for me! I really struggled with my PMDD and felt completely burnt out. So, I really needed to take some time to step away and rest. I took a trip in June with my college girlfriends to a cabin in Tennessee. While we did venture out for some time in Gatlinburg, we mostly stayed inside chatting, laughing, and snacking. It gave me a chance to get some much-needed rest and a break from my kids! I love them, but I spent all day every day with them for 15 months. Mom needed some time alone for a change! Now, I’m back feeling refreshed and rested. Plus, my oldest is doing a summer camp program so that also gives me a little break. It’s been so nice and I’m very excited for her to start school in the Fall! I want to hop back on my Monthly Favorites with my June 2021 Favorites!

June 2021 Favorites

Make It Minnie

My favorite superhero in the Marvel Universe is Captain Marvel. She’s a strong, powerful badass! I loved her backstory, her friendship with Nick Fury, and her suit. I’ve followed several Disney-themed shops that make dainty, Disney jewelry for a few years. When I saw that one of those shops was making Captain Marvel star necklaces, I had to have it. Jesse bought me the Strength necklace from Make It Minnie for Mother’s Day and it’s been my favorite accessory since then! It’s what I call “subtle nerd” meaning that most people don’t get the reference. It’s so fun to have a Marvel accessory that I wear all the time that doesn’t necessarily scream MARVEL.


I’m not typically someone that wears a lot of dresses. I usually feel like they are a lot of effort, or that they are too difficult to wear when chasing the kids around. However, this summer is the summer of midi-length dresses and skirts! The kids are older, so I don’t feel like I’m constantly chasing them or bending over. Plus, midi-length (mid-calf) is long enough that if I did need to pick someone up everything would be covered. They have been especially nice for taking my oldest to summer camps in the morning. I just throw on a dress and feel like I look somewhat put together. This black sleeveless knit dress is what I’ve been wearing most frequently. It’s so comfortable!


My other Mother’s Day gift was an Amazon Fire HD8. Last year, I basically stole the Fire tablet that we bought for my oldest daughter. I started reading a lot more in 2020 and finally made the switch to downloading digital books. Since Jesse was always using his own tablet, I just started using the kids’ to read. This year Jesse bought me my own tablet so that the kids could have theirs back. This tablet is larger but thinner than the kids. Plus, it comes in a lot of fun colors. Mine is Plum! I love reading on the Amazon Fire tablets because it has an excellent “night mode” and the screen gets very dim. The night mode cuts the blue light from the tablet and the lowered screen brightness helps me relax before bed.


It may seem odd to say that I’m really into an animated Star Wars show, but I am. Bad Batch is about a group of rogue Clone Troopers that are navigating the Star Wars galaxy in the time period between Episodes 3 and 4. The characters were introduced in the later seasons of the Clone Wars animated series (another great one!) so this is just an expansion of their story. I loved the Clone Wars animated series because it filled in a lot of the gaps between Episodes 2 and 3. It also dove into the character development of Anakin and made him a more likable character. That is also the series that introduced Ahsoka Tano, one of my favorite Star Wars characters ever. If you are a fan of Clone Wars or Rebels, then you will love Bad Batch!


One of my favorite memories of 2019, aside from my trips to Disney World in February and September, was seeing the Jonas Brothers live. I never got to go to a show as a teen, so I was fulfilling childhood dreams! The Jonas Brothers have already released two new songs this summer and have announced an outdoor tour! I’ve got tickets to a show in October and I cannot wait. Remember This is such a fun, catchy song and I can’t wait to see it performed live!


  1. Neely Moldovan

    I love that tablet! Its such a good buy!

  2. To say that I’m painfully jealous of your ability to get Jonas Brothers tickets would be the BIGGEST understatement. I still have yet to see them in concert, which just kills me after all of these years. By the time I have the money to actually do so, they’ll be retired or not touring again hahaha (I laugh to cover the tears). But also, I’m so excited for you. I hope you have the best time!

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