Popsicle Stick Flags Craft

These fun, simple Popsicle stick flags are sure to bring a fun patriotic pop to any party or July 4th celebration!

american flag craft

This post was originally published July 1, 2014, and updated May 25, 2021.

I love decorating for the Fourth of July! Before we had kids, we used to have a big July 4th party every year. I created a lot of fun decorations for those parties. One of my favorite crafts was these fun popsicle stick flags. I made a dozen and turned them into a flag garland to hang around the house.

How to Make Popsicle Stick Flags


  • Wooden craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks)
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Red, white and blue acrylic craft paint
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Red or blue ribbon

Popsicle Stick Flags Instructions

First, determine how many popsicle (or craft) sticks are needed. For my flags, I used five craft sticks as the base, 3 red, and 2 white. I cut the blue sticks in half and used 1.5 of them per flag. Since I made 12 flags and used 6.5 sticks per flag, I needed 90 craft sticks total. Eighteen of those sticks need to be cut in half and painted blue. Next, set aside 24 sticks to paint white and 36 to paint red. When painting, be sure to paint the edges of the craft sticks as well! Then, lay them out into an American flag pattern.

Popsicle stick flags

Once the paint dries, cut the remaining 12 craft sticks in half. Hot glue the halves to either end of the flag on the backside. Be sure there is hot glue on each of the sticks that make up the flag! This ensures that the flag will stay together.

Popsicle stick flags craft

After the red and white base of the flags is assembled, hot glue the three blue halves to the upper left corner.

Popsicle stick American flags

Next, add the stars! There are several ways to add stars, like painting them or using stickers. Instead of painting on stars or buying star stickers, I decided to try something different. I used a small paintbrush and made little firework-type stars on the blue sticks. I really love the unique look of them!

Popsicle stick flags

Instructions for Creating a Flag Garland

After the Popsicle stick flags were dry I decided to turn them into a garland. I hot glued the flags to a long red ribbon. The craft flags are 4 inches apart along the ribbon to create a banner. Then, I tied some pieces of red, white, and blue Deco Mesh that I had leftover from a Deco Mesh wreath between each flag.

july 4th crafts

Finally, I hung the craft stick flags on the back of our kitchen cabinets to decorate for our annual Fourth of July party. In the above picture, there are a few festive tissue paper pom poms that I made and hung in the dining room too.

Popsicle stick flag banner

I love these little Popsicle stick flags! They are so easy to make and bring the perfect festive touch to my Fourth of July decor.

Have you been doing any 4th of July crafting?

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