Grapefruit Margarita

A grapefruit margarita is a fun margarita flavor. The balance between bitter, salty, and sweet creates a delicious and refreshing cocktail.

Margaritas are one of my favorite cocktails. They are a great balance of sweet and salty. Plus, they are refreshing. Another great thing about margaritas is how versatile they are. They pair well with so many different fruits and flavors.

grapefruit margarita

This grapefruit margarita recipe is a balance of bitter, salty, and sweet. It’s perfect for entertaining or sipping at home.

What Is a Grapefruit Margarita?

Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails. A basic margarita contains tequila, lime juice, and orange liquor. They are typically served in a short cocktail glass with a salt rim. Some bars also serve frozen margaritas, which is essentially a margarita slushie.

Since margaritas are such a simple cocktail, they work well with additional flavors added. Common margarita flavors include strawberry, jalapeno, or pineapple. There are even holiday versions, such as my Christmas Margarita with cranberry and orange.

This grapefruit margarita contains grapefruit juice, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. The result is slightly bitter, but still sweet and salty margarita. It is refreshing and delicious.

grapefruit margarita in salt-rimmed glasses

Ingredients For a Grapefruit Margarita

  • Grapefruit Juice – Due to the bitter flavor of grapefruit, I use bottled grapefruit juice. It contains more sugar than fresh grapefruit juice. But that sugar reduces the bitter flavor. If you like grapefruit on its own, use fresh grapefruit juice.
  • Tequila – Use silver tequila for this cocktail. Silver tequila has a stronger, clearer taste than gold tequila. That makes it better for flavored margaritas.
  • Triple Sec – This orange liquor enhances the citrus flavors of the margarita. It also adds a touch of sweetness. Substitute triple sec for Cointreau or any other orange liquor.
  • Lime Juice – This citrus flavor is key for any margarita. It gives the cocktail its signature flavor, which should still be present under any additional flavors.

How to Make a Grapefruit Margarita

In a cocktail shaker, combine grapefruit juice, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Add a handful of ice to the shaker. Then firmly place the lid on the cocktail shaker. Shake for 30 seconds to combine the cocktail ingredients and chill them.

Pour into a cocktail glass with a salted rim. Add an additional wedge of grapefruit for garnish as well.

grapefruit margarita

What Type of Glass Do I Use?

  • Margarita glass – Margarita glasses are an obvious choice for margaritas. They have a stem and a wide mouth. A wide-mouth glass allows the alcohol to “breathe” or disperse more evenly. The stem allows the drink to stay cold. You hold a margarita glass by the stem so the cocktail doesn’t warm from your hands. A margarita in a margarita glass does not typically contain ice.
  • Short tumbler – Not everyone has a set of margarita glasses at home. So a short tumbler is also perfect for a margarita. With this glass, you would add ice to keep your cocktail cold. Also, the ice dilutes the cocktail a bit. That’s perfect if you don’t like your margaritas as strong. Personally, I prefer margaritas over ice with a straw!

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How to Salt Rim a Glass

Many margaritas have a salted rim. This is incredibly easy to do and adds a special touch to the cocktail glass.

First, take a lime wedge and run it along the rim of the glass. This creates a wet and sticky surface for the salt to stick to.

Next, flip the glass upside down and place it in a shallow bowl of coarse salt. Coarse salt is bigger salt flakes. So they are more visible. It also has a better flavor. If you make a lot of margaritas, consider buying a salt rimmer.

Can I Make This Margarita in Advance?

Yes! Margaritas are a great drink to make in advance! Combine all of the ingredients, without ice, and store in an airtight jar or glass bottle until it is time to serve. You may store this cocktail in the refrigerator for up to a week. Just keep in time, the flavor profile may change a bit the longer you store it! Perfect for when you want a low-maintenance cocktail with dinner.

Make Grapefruit Margaritas in Bulk!

Since this margarita stores so well, it’s also great for making in bulk. Multiply the ingredients by the number of guests you wish to serve. Then mix all of the ingredients, without ice, in a large pitcher. Then store the pitcher in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve!

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grapefruit margarita

Grapefruit Margarita

A grapefruit margarita is a fun margarita flavor. The balance between bitter, salty, and sweet creates a delicious and refreshing cocktail.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Cocktails
Servings 1 drink


  • cocktail shaker
  • margarita glass


  • 3 oz grapefruit juice
  • 2 oz tequila
  • 1 oz triple sec
  • 1/2 oz lime juice


  • Combine grapefruit juice, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.
  • Add a handful of ice to the shaker and shake to combine and chill the ingredients.
  • Pour into a salt-rimmed margarita glass or a short tumbler with ice.
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