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Festive DIY Chalkboard Ornaments

Try making these festive DIY chalkboard ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are very simple to make and look adorable on any tree.

DIY chalkboard ornaments

Crafting ornaments is one of my favorite holiday hobbies. I always feel inspired by all of the decorations in stores and on Instagram. These DIY chalkboard ornaments were easy to make and add a fun pop of color to my Christmas decor. They don’t take long to make, excluding drying time, and are inexpensive as well. All you’ll need is some acrylic craft paint in festive colors, chalkboard paint, a white paint pen and some wooden plaques. 

DIY chalkboard ornaments

DIY Chalkboard Ornament Supplies

Making DIY Chalkboard Ornaments

Start with Paint

Paint the sides of the plaques first, using the color acrylic paints. Since the wood is unfinished it is extremely receptive to paint and it should only take a coat or two. I chose red, green, and gold for my ornaments, but, obviously, you can use any color that matches your holiday decorations. I recommend using a small foam brush to paint so that you have more control over where the paint goes. 

Once the sides are dry, tape them off using painter’s tape and paint the top using chalkboard paint. I didn’t tape mine and my chalkboard paint lines aren’t as crisp as I’d like them to be, so learn from my mistakes! I used Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint and recommend it! 

DIY chalkboard ornaments

Use a Paint Pen Instead of Chalk

Once the chalkboard paint is dry you can either prep your ornaments for using actual chalk, or you can cheat like me and use a paint pen. I wanted the look of a chalkboard, but more clean and crisp lettering. I used a white Sharpie paint pen and wrote a few holiday-themed words, like “Joy,” “Merry,” and “Peace,” on the ornaments. This is definitely a project where I wish I had better handwriting, but they turned out well. 

DIY chalkboard ornaments
DIY chalkboard ornaments

Hang with Picture Hangers

I attached small saw tooth picture hangers to the back of each ornament, so they could be attached to ornament hooks or ribbons to hang on the tree. Be sure to attach the picture hangers to the center of the ornament back so they hang straight. I find it best to wrap the ornament hooks around a Christmas tree branch that’s turned vertical. These could also just be nestled into the branches and sit in the tree. 

DIY chalkboard ornaments

These DIY chalkboard ornaments are an easy way to personalize any Christmas tree. Rather than holiday-themed words, you could write the names of family members, lyrics to songs, etc. They would be adorable attached to a wreath on the front door as well. You could also use them as place cards for Christmas dinners or to label dishes for a holiday party.

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