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6 Fun Glass Ball Ornaments Crafts

Glass ball ornaments are so fun to create with for the holidays. Here are 6 different and inexpensive glass ball ornaments crafts.

I love creating during the Christmas season. There’s something special about crafting in my pajamas while I binge Hallmark Christmas movies. Some of my favorite crafts that I’ve put together involve clear glass ball ornaments. They are so inexpensive, and the possibilities are literally endless. Here are a few fun ideas for glass ball ornaments crafts.

6 Glass Ball Ornaments Crafts Ideas

1. Use paint pens to write holiday messages on the outside of glass ball ornaments

decorate glass ball ornaments

If you have somewhat decent handwriting, these ornaments are a cute way to add a personal touch to a Christmas tree. To create these I used silver and gold paint pens to write a few holiday themed words, like “Merry” and “Joy.” While I used clear glass ball ornaments for these, this idea also looks great on colored ball ornaments. Growing up my mom would sometimes mark important events from the year on ball ornaments, then we’d take a little trip down memory lane every year when we decorated the tree.

2. Fill glass ball ornaments with leftover tinsel

glass ball ornaments craft ideas

This project takes less than a minute to do, but these are some of my absolute favorite ornaments! Simply use any leftover sparkly tinsel and cut it into 2 inch pieces. Then, place the tinsel inside the ball ornaments using the back of a pencil or tweezers. The tinsel catches the sparkle of the Christmas lights and can be done in any color. This is an ornament that could be redone each year with different colored tinsel to match the decor.

3. Hold special memories

wedding invitation ornament craft

Clear glass ball ornaments filled with wedding invitations, or babies’ hospital bracelets have been popular on Pinterest for years. I even created one using our wedding invitation back in 2011, our first married Christmas. This ornament is created by cutting the invitation into thin strips and wrapping the strips tightly around a pencil and placing them inside the ornament. But, this idea can be applied to so many other things as well!

In my former job at a graphic design firm I used this concept to make ornaments for the company tree out of logos that we designed that year. It was such a cute concept for our office! This kind of ornament is a cute way to recycle Christmas cards, movie tickets or program covers from theater performances. I love having sentimental ornaments on our tree, and it doesn’t really get more sentimental than this!

4. Fill glass ball ornaments with fresh greenery

decorated glass ball ornaments

Fresh greenery, like extra Christmas tree branches and holly, are EVERYWHERE during the holidays. Just clip a few sprigs and stuff the glass ball ornaments full. It’s a fun way to add some extra natural elements to your tree and it’s practically free!

5. Coat the insides with glitter. All the sparkle, zero mess!

diy glitter ornaments

I LOVE glitter at Christmas time. It just sparkles so beautifully in the lights. These ornaments have all the sparkly benefits of glitter, without the mess. All you need is some floor cleaner, like Mop & Glo, and glitter. Coat the inside of the ornament with cleaner and then with glitter. I made these ornaments 7 years ago and they still look just as good as they did when I first made them!

6. Cover with fabric or lace.

decorate glass ball ornaments

This ornament idea can be fun, or sentimental. My version is covered in lace from my grandmother’s wedding veil. After she passed away a few years ago my aunt made ornaments for everyone in the family from her dress and veil. It’s a beautiful way to have something of hers and to remind me of her during the holidays. This concept could also be done with any fabric or lace from the craft store. A bunch of these lace-covered ornaments would look so lovely on a glam Christmas tree with golds and silvers.

These glass ball ornament ideas are so simple but can be a nice way to add new ornaments to your tree without spending a lot of money. Plus, they are a great craft project for older kiddos!

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  1. Neely Moldovan

    I love this! We have one with our wedding invitiation! Such a fun idea!

  2. These are seriously creative ideas! I have some fun plans for ornaments this year since I’m doing gifts on a budget. You’re definitely getting my creative juices flowing haha!

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