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Creating a Christmas Card Garland from Sentimental Christmas Cards

Creating a Christmas card garland out of cards from loved ones that are no longer around adds a sentimental touch to holiday decorations.

Decorating with Christmas cards from past years or loved ones that are no longer with us adds a sentimental touch to holiday decorations. It’s so meaningful to hang cards from an old neighbor or grandparent and reflect on memories shared with them.

This Christmas card garland was simple to make, but it holds so many special memories. 

Christmas card garland

Ever since I was a kid I’ve collected small, sentimental things. I have bins and boxes of movie stubs, maps, postcards, and holiday cards.Several years ago, I realized that I didn’t have enough room to continue to save every single card I’d ever received. I started the long process of downsizing.

As I packed away cards, I got an idea. What if I used of using a few of the cards to decorate for Christmas?

I wanted to create something that I would pull out of storage year after year and smile at the memories with people I loved. I opted to create a garland out of these cards to use with my Christmas decorations.

Why Make a Christmas Card Garland?

A card banner is simple and doesn’t cost anything. It also doesn’t take up much storage space. It’s the perfect project if you want to decorate with old Christmas cards. It’s the perfect sentimental touch to holiday decorations. If you’re a card hoarder like me, this is the Christmas craft for you!

Supplies You Need

  • Old Christmas cards
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon or string

How to Make a Christmas Card Garland

This Christmas card garland is incredibly easy and straightforward to make. First, select the cards for the banner. I chose cards based on who they were from and their physical appearance.

decorating with christmas cards

My main motivation for decorating with Christmas cards is sentimentality, so I kept the cards intact. This way I can read them each year before I hang them up. If your card garland is for looks and not sentimentality, simply use the fronts of the cards.

Next, punch holes into the top two corners. Punching holes in both corners keeps the cards from constantly coming open. Plus, it gives me a little bit more control over how they hang on the banner.

Then I selected some ribbon to thread through the holes I punched. Some of these cards were heavy, so I knotted the ribbon around each hole to keep them in place. I spaced my cards out so there were about 3 inches between each one.

Christmas card garland

Where to Hang A Card Garland

Hang the Christmas card garland anywhere, like a stair banister, or mantle, or over a doorway.

Christmas card garland

I attached mine to a strand of greenery and hung it on the wall. It serves as a frame around all of the current Christmas cards we have on display.

decorating with christmas cards
decorating with christmas cards

Decorating with Christmas cards is a fun way to be sentimental with your holiday decor. It’s also a great way to recycle Christmas cards. The alternative is just throwing them away or storing them in an unopened box. 

Christmas card garland

More Ideas for Decorating With Christmas Cards

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