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Feminine Blue Bathroom

I don’t know if you remember, but WAAAYYY back before I even knew I was pregnant Jesse and I were working on redoing our guest bathroom. We had ripped up the floors, replaced subflooring, laid new tile, painted the walls, and refinished the cabinets. After we got all the big projects finished the bathroom sat that way for a long while. Like over a year. I actually didn’t finish accessorizing until July. Nothing like having company come to motivate you to finish a project. Now that it’s finished, I love it. I know this will be Mara’s bathroom one day, but for now I can hide the baby stuff in the tub, close the curtain, and enjoy my feminine bathroom. 


The color on the walls is Olympic Alpine Valley, but it really reminds me of a Tiffany Blue. I wrote in the first post about this bathroom that I originally wanted the walls to be a pale pink. Jesse said no, but then I got pregnant with a little girl and we painted her room pink so win, win for me. 


The tile was a steal at $1.99 per square foot. It’s 12×24 Metro Charcoal porcelain tile we got at Home Depot. I would love to use it again in another room… like our master bathroom maybe. 


Once the floors and walls were finished we painted the cabinets Olympic Snow Storm. It’s the same pure white that we used on our dining table and nightstands. At first I was worried about the beige counter top, but the white cabinets really bring out the white in the counter.


The hardware on the cabinets is from Hobby Lobby (of course). They are clear, glass bubble pulls. I just love little details like knobs and pulls in a room. 


The knobs on the closet doors, which we also painted white, are also from Hobby Lobby. When I saw them I knew that they would be beyond perfect for this room. 


When Jesse and I were in Paris we went to Laduree for macarons. The absolute best macarons ever. I saved the box as a souvenir and it looks perfect in this room. As a bonus the blues match. ;)


On the other side of the counter is my face stuff. I’ve never been a big beauty product person. I hardly ever wear makeup, at least I didn’t before having a baby. Now I usually make time for a little concealer, powder and mascara. Just so I feel a little less “Mombie.” NYX products are great and pretty affordable. I’ve also started using a cleansing brush and exfoliating cleanser as part of my skin routine. I never used to do all that, but now my skin needs a night cream and extra TLC. I love the Simple products because they aren’t filled with a bunch of crap and are safe to use while pregnant. (Not an announcement, I’m just too lazy to rotate products based on the state of my uterus). 


The Tunnel of Love art has been in here no matter what I’ve done with the room. I got it for $1 at a yard sale right after Jesse and I got married. It’s always been one of my favorites. I added the shelf, a jar a Q-tips and picture of macarons. One of favorite things about macarons (other than how delicious they are) is that they are so pretty and colorful. It’s an important part of desserts. 


I’m seriously in love with this room. It’s amazing. It’s even more amazing when you compare it to the before. 

guest bath2 11.2013

And now, it’s wonderful.


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  1. OMG, this looks fantastic! I actually used the same tiles for my mudroom (which I also finished a year ago, but haven’t shared yet) but I used a dark grout. I really like how they look with the lighter grout.

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