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Fall Home Decor 2016

Fall home decor for a large living room. My decor features warm lighting, cozy blankets, plenty of pumpkins and ceramic woodland creatures.

The sun finally came out this week, so I finally got the chance to take pictures of my fall decorations. Just in time for me to put up my Halloween stuff this week! Funny how that works out and time gets away from you. I haven’t really spent a lot of time decorating the house since my baby was born. So this was almost therapeutic. I felt like I was regaining a little piece of myself. 


Fall Home Decor in a Large Space

Our living room is such a large space. It’s sometimes hard to make things feel cozy. I’ve found that the best thing in this room is warm lighting, blankets and pillows. Warm lighting is achieved by utilizing lamps and candles. As soon as the sun goes down, I turn on all of the lamps for a cozy vibe.

I keep an extra basket of blankets in the living room. And a few strewn over the sofa too. Blankets add texture to a space. They also break up the color of the couch. Plus, nothing is cozier than curling up with a blanket and a few pillows on a chilly evening.


The corner seat on the sofa is the best place to curl up with a blanket and a cup of coffee. Not that I get to do that very often. Usually I end up taking a nap if I’m curled up with a blanket.


My moose mug is my favorite for days when I need an extra large cup of coffee. The tray was a yard sale find that I gave a facelift. It holds a planter which stores the baby monitor and remotes.. I HATE having remotes laying around but my husband likes them easily accessible. The planter is the perfect compromise. It keeps the remotes contained but easily accessible. The candle holder is from Target and the ceramic pumpkin is from the Dollar Tree. I’m surprised by the cute stuff they have in there sometimes!


The twinkle lights on the mantle add a lot of cozy light to the room. I was just too tired, and pregnant, to take them down last winter. But I’ve loved having them up all year round.


The owl on the mantle was a HomeGoods find. It’s one of my absolute favorite fall pieces. The fall garland is from JoAnn Fabric. So are the votives. Then, to top it off, is a vase filled with gourds from the grocery store.


Owls Are a Must for Fall Decor

It wouldn’t be fall in our house without sprinkling owls throughout the house. My grandfather loved owls, so the decor is a tribute to him. I got this guy at HomeGoods. In case you haven’t noticed, I spend way too much money there.


Everything I used to decorate this year was something I already had around the house. When you have a whole storage tub labelled “Fall” you don’t really need to buy anything else. Working with decorations I already own and giving them new life is half the fun.


The only thing “new” in the decor is the fun gold pillow in my painted armchair. I had a gold owl pillow from my daughter’s room down here. I really loved it, but my back loves it more in her glider. So I decided to  buy another gold one for downstairs. It was on clearance at Target.


Fall Touches in the Dining Room

I added a few small fall touches to our dining room as well. Our new bar is another surface for vignettes and seasonal decorating. Plus, it’s gorgeous anyway. Seriously, all of the heart eyes.


I’ve had the squirrel salt and pepper shakers for years, I think they were a HomeGoods find. Then I added some faux hydrangeas and a ceramic pumpkin from the Dollar Tree and called it a day in here. 


On the table I put a pumpkin into this gorgeous green glass bowl that I got from my grandmother. I was going for like a magical Cinderella look. I think Cinderella is going to inspire my pumpkin carving this year. I’ve done Mary Poppins and Olaf in the past, so Disney has been a theme for me.


  1. Rebecca Williams

    I’m just putting out my Fall decorations tonight if that makes you feel any better ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your house is so cozy!!! We got a giant fluffy rug that definitely helps make our living room a little more cozy but I feel like our couch isn’t as soft and welcoming as I wish it was, haha. Yours looks like the perfect spot to curl up!

  3. Very pretty! I think the colors make the space feel really cozy, too. And the fireplace!

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