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Trick or Treat – Purple and Black Halloween Decorations

Fun purple and black Halloween decorations that include Harry Potter books, fake spiders, bats, and an assortment of handmade crafts.

This year is my kid’s first Halloween. And that is a big deal for me! My goal as a mom is to make the holidays as fun as possible. I want my joy to be contagious. And when they grow up, I want them to talk about how Mom went all out. But if that doesn’t happen, at least I had fun! For my Halloween decorations this year, I mostly focused on purple and black decorations. The colors are spooky, but fun. I used a combination of decorations I already owned, crafts I created and Target Dollar Spot purchases.

Purple and Black Halloween Decorations

This year I wanted to take home everything in the Target Dollar Spot. They really stepped up their game for Halloween decor! This trick or treat sign is glittery and cute. The book page background ties in nicely with my Harry Potter book decorations. My mercury glass votive is from Hobby Lobby a few years back. Gold is a timeless color that works for most occasions.


Purple and Black Spooky Mantel

On the mantel, I used a few Harry Potter books to add height to the decor. My little “spooky” sign was the star of the show. I switched out my grey rectangular mirror out for this silver one. The silver went better with the black accents. Plus it’s fun to mix it up sometimes.


I left the Christmas lights up on the mantel. At this point why take them down? Plus, the glow of the lights is such a fun touch. To fill in the mantle I wrapped black mesh ribbon loosely around the lights. Then I threw in some fake spiders and foam bats for good measure.


Living Room Decorations

I swapped out the usual pillows on the couch for some with a black herringbone pattern. It’s a simple switch, but the black flows well with the rest of the decorations.


Affordable Decor Tip

I love collecting holiday cards people send me. There is a giant box of them sorted by holiday in my closet. I go through them every now and then for a hit of nostaligia. Or in search of inspiration. Sometimes I find one that is perfect to use framed for holiday decor. This trick or treat Halloween card is one of those. It’s cute, it’s free and it’s unique. Next time you receive a fun card in the mail, save it and use it in your decor.


Dining Room Halloween Decor

I added a few fun Halloween touches to the dining room. This candelabra looks spooky with the spiders and webs. I got it at my friend Cassie‘s barn Sweet Clover a few years ago.


The new bar was perfect for a little vignette too. I made the “BOO” jars a few Halloween’s ago. They were a simple project, but are so fun. I added a few bats in the plate wall for good measure too.


My simple black and purple Halloween decorations make the house feel so festive. It sparked my daughter to add the word “spooky” to her baby vocabulary. Which honestly, makes it all worth it!

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