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Christmas Snack Board – Create a Fun Dessert Made with the Best Christmas Snacks

Create a fun Christmas snack board using your favorite holiday season treats! It’s perfect for a Christmas movie night or holiday party.

Christmas snack board

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Memories are triggered by all of the five senses. One of the most nostalgic times of the year is the holidays. Our senses are bombarded from every angle. We feel the touch of the cold wind. And we see the sparkle of Christmas lights. Our ears are filled with the sounds of holiday music. There’s also the smell of fresh Christmas trees, snow, and desserts. Finally, there’s the nostalgia that certain foods bring. Every year I find myself craving the Christmas treats of my childhood. Not even fresh-baked treats, but store-bought ones! I created a fun Christmas snack board using my favorite childhood Christmas treats.

There are so many Christmas treats that I eat year after year, so narrowing my Christmas snack board down to a few was actually kind of difficult! Ultimately, I decided on Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, Holiday Oreos, Pillsbury Shape Sugar Cookies, Stauffer’s cookies, red and green M&M’s, candy canes, and chocolate-dipped pretzels.

assortment of christmas snacks and candy

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Snacks

The most important snack to me on my board was Stauffer’s Christmas cookies. My grandmother always had them at her house for the holidays. I found myself craving them this month, so I hunted them down. The only place that had them locally was Walmart. My favorite between the Holiday Shortbread cookies with sprinkles and the Iced Gingerbread Men are hands down the Gingerbread cookies!

Little Debbie holiday treats were a family tradition growing up. We always had Christmas Tree Cakes and the soft Gingerbread Men cookies in the house around the holidays. Plus, they add a softer option to a board covered in crunchier cookies and snacks.

christmas cookies on board

I’m pretty sure that we only had the Pillsbury Shape Sugar cookies a few times growing up, but they are my go-to Christmas cookie every year. They have fun shapes and take practically zero effort to make. Just pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes! I’ve made these cookies every holiday season every year since 2011. My kids recognize them as a Christmas tradition too.

I rounded out the Christmas snack board with holiday Oreos. Because they are delicious and the red icing is so fun. Plus, a few candy canes and chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks. The pretzels add a little salty to the very sugary snack selection. And I topped it off with a bowl of red and green M&M’s. Bonus tip: Add M&M’s to your popcorn during movie night for a sweet and salty treat!

holiday dessert board

Christmas Snack Board

  • Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
  • Holiday Oreos
  • Stauffer’s Iced Gingerbread Men
  • Stauffer’s Holiday Shortbread Cookies
  • Pillsbury Shapes Sugar Cookies (baking required)
  • Green and Red M&M’s
  • Mini Candy Canes
  • Chocolate Dipped Pretzel sticks and Oreos
christmas snack board cookies

This fun Christmas snack board is perfect for any holiday party or Christmas movie night. Make one and enjoy it with your family and friends this holiday season!

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  1. Your snack boards are truly on another level! I can’t even imagine making something that looks this satisfying haha. But I love it so much. These are the perfect treats to enjoy while binging holiday films!

  2. I love your snack board! These goodies look so deadly delicious! I will keep this in mind to use this idea for the holidays! 😊

  3. I love this! I think I’m pretty good at picking the snacks, but not so good at putting them together on a board in an aesthetically pleasing way ha!

  4. Neely Moldovan

    I am dying to make something like this for my kids next week! So cute and fun!

  5. This is adorable and so yummy looking! Such a fun idea– I totally want to do this!

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