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Christmas Action Movies

If Die Hard is your favorite Christmas movie, then you need to check out this list of Christmas action movies! There are more than you think!

There’s an age-old debate about what constitutes a Christmas movie. Does it take place during Christmas? Or does it have to be about Christmas? Usually Die Hard is at the center of this argument. It’s an intense action movie that takes place during Christmastime.

But it’s not the only one! There are 15 popular action movies that take place during or around Christmas. If Die Hard is on your must-watch list, then you may be interested in more Christmas action movies!

christmas action movies

The Best Christmas Action Movies

Die Hard

John McClane takes down an international terrorist organization during his wife’s office Christmas party. (Watch on Hulu with Starz)

Die Hard 2

John McClane is at it again! This time he has to stop a group of rogue military operatives that have taken over Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. on Christmas Eve. (Watch on Hulu with a Starz Subscription)

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon is produced by the same guy that did Die Hard. Apparently, Joel Silver likes thrillers that take place during the holidays. This one is about newly-paired cops that have to work together to bring down a gang of drug smugglers. (Watch on HBO Max)

Batman Returns

Batman works to takedown The Penguin as he wreaks havoc on Gotham. He’s interrupted by the appearance of Catwoman. This Batman film takes place at Christmas time. (Watch on HBO Max)

The Long Kiss Goodnight

A single mom and schoolteacher, played by Geena Davis, begins to remember glimpses of her violent past around the holidays. She hires an investigator (Samuel L. Jackson) to look into her mysterious past. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr. is a thief posing as an actor that finds himself caught up in a murder investigation. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video)

Iron Man 3

Superhero Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, takes down a terrorist during the holidays. (Watch on Disney Plus)


Another fun superhero movie that takes place during the holidays! Billy Batson just needs to say one word to turn into the adult superhero Shazam. (Watch on HBO Max)

Fat Man

After receiving a lump of coal for Christmas, a boy hires an assassin to kill Santa Claus. (Watch on Peacock)

Enemy of the State

While out Christmas shopping for his family a lawyer receives evidence regarding a political crime. He is targeted by a corrupt politician that wants the evidence. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video)

Invasion USA

A retired CIA agent, played by Chuck Norris, is forced back into the game when an old enemy resurfaces. The enemy shows up at his home around Christmastime to exact revenge. (Watch on Tubi)

Rocky IV

Rocky plans to retire from boxing until his friend Apollo Creed is beaten to death by boxer Ivan Drago. He flies to Russia to fight Drago on Christmas Day to avenge Creed. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video)


A street cop, played by Sylvester Stallone, must protect the only living witness of a strange murderous cult during the holidays. (Rent on Amazon Prime Video)

Reindeer Games

A recently released convict, played by Ben Affleck, assumes his dead prison roommate’s identity. All so he can steal his girlfriend. But her criminal brother wants to rope him into a casino heist during the holidays. (Rent on Apple TV)

Catch Me If You Can

This is a fun crime caper about a con man that is on the run from the FBI. The film contains several different Christmas scenes, so it’s a lot of fun for the holidays. (Watch on Netflix)

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  2. Have you thought about updating your list to include Violent Night that came out shortly after you published this list?

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