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Best 4th of July Movies

It’s almost July Fourth! These are some of the best 4th of July movies for adults and families to enjoy for a patriotic movie night.

When people think of July Fourth they think of fireworks, cook outs, and other outdoor activities. But what about a fun patriotic movie night? Pair your favorite movie snacks with red, white, and blue candy. Then cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a movie that celebrates the USA.

best 4th of july movies

These are a few of the best 4th of July movies. Some of them take place on July 4th, but many are just patriotic films.

The Best 4th of July Movies for Adults

Independence Day

An American pilot, the president, and a collection of other US military personnel ban together to take down an alien mothership that threatens Earth. It doesn’t get any more patriotic than that! Rent on Amazon Prime.

The Patriot

A military veteran turned farmer tries to avoid fighting in the American Revolution. But when a British officer attacks his home and family, he starts a guerrilla band of fighters to exact his revenge. Rent on Amazon Prime.


The musical story of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury of the United States. The rap musical was written for Broadway by Lin Manuel Miranda. Watch on Disney Plus.

Air Force One

When terrorists highjack Air Force One, the President of the United States uses his former military training to rescue his family. Rent on Amazon Prime.

Apollo 13

A film based on the Apollo 13 lunar mission. It follows the astronauts fight for survival as they journey back to Earth. Definitely a patriotic movie for the Fourth. Watch free on Tubi.

Top Gun

A hotshot fighter pilot is sent to Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School where he constantly clashes with his fellow pilots. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Hidden Figures

Three Black women at NASA are the brains behind sending John Glenn into orbit. Based on a true story about one of the greatest turning points in US space exploration. Watch on Disney Plus.

The American President

At the end of his first term, the President must choose between reelection or love. This is a great political drama film! Rent on Amazon Prime.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Nothing screams “best 4th of July movies” like a movie about Captain America. Follow Steve Rogers on his journey to becoming Captain America. Watch on Disney Plus.


A film about the US men’s hockey team in the 1980 Olympics. The team becomes a beacon of patriotism during the Cold War. Watch on Disney Plus.


Rocky is a rookie boxer from Philadelphia that trains to become the heavyweight champion. Over the span of the films he represents the US in boxing matches. Watch on Netflix.

Born on the 4th of July

A young man enlists in the Marine’s during the Vietnam War. He returns home physically paralyzed with PTSD. He discovers faults in veterans care at home and becomes a protestor of the war. Watch on Netflix.


Two strangers, tired of being single at family events, make a pact to be each other’s plus ones to all holiday events. The movie includes a hilarious July Fourth mishap. Watch on Netflix.

Best 4th of July Movies For Families

National Treasure

A historian and treasure hunter seeks to steal the Declaration of Independence. The document contains a clue to finding a treasure from the founding of the United States. Watch on Disney Plus.

An American Tail

A young mouse and his family emigrate from Russia to the United States after their home is destroyed by cats. He is separated from his family and must find his way back to them. Rent on Prime Video.

The Sandlot

A group of boys play baseball in an old sandlot. It’s a coming of age tale about boys in the US in the early 1990’s. Watch on Hulu with Starz.

Night at the Museum

A nighttime security guard at the Natural History Museum discovers that the displays come alive at night. Now he must manage the chaos. Watch on Disney Plus.

Tall Tale

A young boy brings American folk legends Pecos Bill, John Henry, Paul Bunyon, and Calamity Jane to life to save his father’s farm. Watch on Disney Plus.

Cheaper By the Dozen 2

The Bakers take their children on a summer vacation at a lakeside campground. But they become involved in a rivalry with another family. Watch on Disney Plus.

Bonus TV Episodes for Young Kids

Daniel Tiger: Fireflies and Fireworks

Daniel Tiger and his family go on a picnic to see fireworks. But Daniel is nervous because he’s never seen fireworks before. Watch on Amazon Prime with a PBS Kids subscription.

Peg and Cat: The George Washington Problem

Peg and Cat use a map to help George Washington cross the Delaware River. Rent on Apple TV.

More Movie Recomendations for Adults and Families

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