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Back-to-School Party Ideas

Make the start of the school year a little extra special with a fun party. These back-to-school party ideas are a fun way to start the year.

Back-to-school is a time of mixed emotions. For both parents and kids. There’s excitement for a new year, nerves about being away from home, and sadness over summer ending. Take the time to celebrate the school year with a little party.

back-to-school party ideas

These back-to-school party ideas are simple. But that’s usually the best way to celebrate. It’s low stress, but still loads of fun.

Simply put together a few decorations and a few special treats. Your kids will be thrilled with the surprise. And you won’t be overly stressed.

Back-to-School Party Ideas – Decorations

For our little back-to-school party, I set up a table with a few decorations and apple-shaped snacks. The decorations cost less than $15 in total!

back-to-school party ideas

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School-Themed Banners and Balloons

My favorite way to decorate for any occasion is with a fun balloon garland. I chose green and red balloons for this garland. The colors mimic apples which became the unofficial party theme.

Learn how to make a balloon garland using a kit!

The pencil back-to-school banner was only $8. And I can reuse it year after year! Rather than hanging the banner from a string, I taped each pencil to the wall. I used painter’s tape to avoid damaging the wall.

Red, Green, and School Supplies

For the tabletop decorations, I laid out a red tablecloth. I also layered a fabric runner from Decocrated over the tablecloth. To break up all of the red.

At the back of the table, I set out a backpack and chalkboard. I also sprinkled a few extra school supplies across the table.

back-to-school party ideas

I used red and green plates and napkins to match the apple theme.

The green cake stand was from Ballard Designs years ago. This one is similar. It’s perfect for displaying cupcakes!

Back-to-School Party Ideas – Treats

No celebration is complete without a few special treats. Since the theme for this party was apples, I made apple-shaped cupcakes and donut bites.

Apple-Shaped Cupcakes

These apple-shaped cupcakes are perfect for a back-to-school party!

apple-shaped cupcakes


  • Cupcake pan
  • Cupcake liners
  • Aluminum foil

Place cupcake liners in each space of the cupcake pan. Then cut a large square of aluminum foil. Roll and smash the foil into a cylinder. Tuck the foil between the top of the cupcake liner and the pan. It folds the liner in just a bit to make two bumps on the top.

Pour in the cupcake batter and bake according to the instructions. Once the cupcakes are cool, remove them from the pan. The foil will fall off some of the cupcakes. But you may also need to pull it off.

Ice the cupcakes with red icing. Use pretzel sticks to make the stem at the top of the cupcake. Between the two bumps. Add a small green candy as a leaf.

apple-shaped cupcakes

These apple-shaped cupcakes are delicious and adorable!

Apple Donut Bites

In keeping with the apple theme, I also made apple donut bites. These are even easier than the cupcakes!

What You’ll Need

  • Frosted, or plain, donut holes
  • Candy sticks
  • Red candy melts

Melt the red candy melts in a glass measuring cup. A small, but deep bowl would also work.

Place the donut holes onto the candy sticks. Then dip the donuts into the melted red candy. Be sure to cover the entire donut.

Once the candy hardens, add a small green candy to mimic a leaf at the top of each “apple.”

These little treats are simple, but fun.

back-to-school party ideas

These back-to-school party ideas are perfect for any kid. Whether they are starting school for the first time. Or simply returning for a new year.

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