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Bluey Birthday Party Decorations

These Bluey birthday party decorations and snack ideas are perfect for Bluey fans of all ages. The key is lots of blue and whimsical fun!

Bluey is a fun children’s show about a Blue Heeler dog named Bluey and her family. The family plays imaginative games and works through childhood feelings and struggles.

bluey birthday party decorations

My children absolutely LOVE Bluey. And so do I! The episodes are short but so fun. Plus, there is usually a wholesome lesson in each one. This is a children’s show that we love watching together as a family.

Since my kids are such big fans of Bluey, it’s inevitable that we will have a Bluey party at some point. These are a few fun and simple Bluey birthday party decorations and snack ideas.

Bluey Birthday Party Decorations

The key thing to keep in mind for a Bluey party is to use lots of blue. And keep the decorations colorful with a bit of whimsy.

A Fun Balloon Garland and Backdrop

My favorite decoration for a themed party is a balloon garland. I created a fun garland using two different shades of blue, white, and orange balloons. Bluey’s little sister Bingo is orange. And she needed representation in the balloons.

bluey birthday party decorations

Learn how to make a balloon garland!

I also found a fun photo backdrop at Party City. It features Bluey, Bingo, and their house. The backdrop is HUGE. I only used half of it for my background.

The background came with a few photo props. Instead of wasting them, I put them in a bucket on display. They are the perfect decorative touch.

bluey birthday party decorations

Bluey Birthday Party Decorations from Party City

Party City is my typical go-to when it comes to themed parties. They have a plethora of different themed decorations. Plus, the supplies are typically inexpensive. For this party, I bought Bluey plates and napkins. And the backdrop I mentioned above. Party City also carries Bluey cups, banners, stickers, gift bags, and other decorations.

Use Bluey Toys as Birthday Decorations

Because my kids are such big Bluey fans, we have a lot of Bluey toys. The girls have Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin stuffies. Along with a Bluey playset with the Heeler family house, a pool, and a car. The playset also includes little action figures of Bluey, Bingo, and all of their friends and family.

I set the stuffies on the table as decor. They make excellent centerpieces. Then I sprinkled the action figures around the table. Sometimes the little touches are the most fun.

bluey birthday party decorations

Bluey Party Snack Ideas

No birthday party is complete without a few fun snacks! It’s even better when they are on theme. The key to Bluey snacks is the color blue, plus fun elements. Like sprinkles! These snack ideas are also great for watching a few episodes of Bluey as a family.

Bluey Cupcakes

My Bluey cupcakes are simply blue cupcakes with fun sprinkles. They remind me of the cupcakes that the kids eat in the Shadowlands episode. I used box cake mix and icing mixed with blue food coloring. The sprinkles are stars in various pastel colors. They are the perfect magical treat.

bluey birthday party food

Bluey Rice Krispie Treats

These fun Rice Krispie Treats are so pretty. I melted butter and marshmallows in a pan on the stove over low heat. When I added the Rice Krispies I also added several drops of blue food coloring. I flattened the mixture into a shallow baking pan to cool.

After the treats cooled I cut them into stars using these fun sandwich cutters. And I sprinkled a few star sprinkles on top for good measure.

Bluey Popcorn Snack Mix

My favorite treat for this Bluey party is the Bluey popcorn snack mix. I plan on making this when the new season of Bluey comes to Disney Plus to celebrate!

bluey birthday party food

First, pop a bag of popcorn. Then let it cool. Add the cooled popcorn to a gallon-size Ziploc bag with marshmallows, sprinkles, Goldfish, and blue candies. Shake the Ziploc bag to mix everything. Pour the mix into a bowl. Or a fun popcorn container.

These Bluey birthday party decorations and snacks were a blast to put together. And you better believe I saved the photo backdrop and supplies for a random Bluey family night.


  1. Neely Moldovan

    My kids haven’t gotten into Bluey but I have seen so many cute Bluey things! Love these!

  2. What a cute idea! I haven’t heard of Bluey but this looks like something that my nephew might like!


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