Wood Bead Wreath DIY

A wood bead wreath is a simple, but chic decoration for any season. Create one using an embroidery hoop, wood beads, and craft glue.

Wood bead wreaths are a lovely way to decorate your home or front door. The natural wood is a neutral palette for any decoration style. They are also extremely simple to create.

wood bead wreath diy

DIYing a wreath like this is more cost-effective. Plus, it gives you creative license over your wreath!

This simple wood bead wreath is simple to customize. And I have a few fun tips for recycling the wreath for each season.

Other Fun Wreath Ideas

Looking for more DIY wreath ideas? Try creating a ribbon wreath! Ribbon wreaths are simple, easy to customize, and inexpensive. Felt wreaths are also a fun DIY option.

wood bead wreath diy

Tutorial for Creating a Wood Bead Wreath

This wood bead wreath is a simple craft project. If you can use glue, then you can make this wreath!

Supplies You’ll Need

Lay the embroidery hoop or wreath ring on a flat surface. Be sure the metal clasp is positioned at the top of the wreath. Use Beacon craft glue to attach 16 wood balls to the embroidery hoop.

Don’t attach balls to the bottom right portion of the wreath. Leave this location open for faux florals, bows, or other accessories.

Let the wreath dry for about an hour. Then attach the faux florals, bows, or accessories.

Use floral wire or twist ties to attach floral stems to the wreath. The wire is easy to remove, which makes it easy to swap out florals seasonally.

Most premade bows also have wire ties on the back. That makes them easy to remove too.

For added stability, I recommend using a dab of hot glue to attach any florals or seasonal-specific accessories. When warmed up, hot glue is easy to remove. That makes replacing florals or accessories easy.

I used hot glue to attach the wooden cutout “hello” sign to the large bow. That was really the only way to do it.

Switch Out Florals and Bows Seasonally

My favorite kind of craft project is one that can be recycled for various seasons or holidays. This wood bead wreath is the perfect evergreen craft. Simply exchange florals and bows seasonally. And reuse this wreath again and again.

I used faux boxwood stems and lavender on this wreath. Paired with a black and white bow and “hello” wood cut out, those florals are fabulous for Fall.

In the winter, I could switch out the boxwood for evergreen stems. Or faux holly boughs. Add a white or blue ribbon, or a few wooden snowflakes. Then it’s the perfect winter wreath.

Add bright colors or flowers for Spring. The ways to recycle this wood bead wreath are limitless!

How to Hang a Wood Bead Wreath

Embroidery hoops make excellent wreaths because the metal clasp at the top is perfect for hanging.

wood bead wreath diy

Thread a bit of fishing line or ribbon through the clasp. Then tie it off to make a loop. Hang the loop from a wreath hanger or Command hook on your front door.

This wood bead wreath is the perfect wreath for Fall or any season. It is simple, yet beautiful. Plus, it’s fun to recycle it in different ways each season.

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