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Dining Room Updates and New Dining Upholstered Chairs

I recently made a few dining room updates by adding upholstered chairs to the ends of the table and some fresh spring blooms.

Happy Spring! Like I’ve mentioned several times, this warmer weather has finally sparked my creative fire again and I’ve been working on some things around the house. The fun bright colors of Spring especially inspire me to work in the dining room. When I stumbled across these gray upholstered dining room chairs on sale at Target for $65, I knew they would be perfect for the ends of our farmhouse table. Target Threshold Camelot dining chair

I love the gray fabric and the silver nailhead trim around the outside. It really classes up our dining room and makes the whole room look a lot higher end. Nailhead dining chair

I chose the light gray fabric because it nicely compliments the light gray in the curtains in this room. Everything is light and bright in the dining room. The white from the chairs, the spring green walls, the fun splash of pastel colors from the plate display, it all screams spring. Dining Room Spring 2015

Next weekend Jesse and I will be hosting our 4th Passover dinner and I love that we can invite a few extra guests now that we have more seating. When we built our table we envisioned having a table full of people eating, drinking and laughing around it, and now our dreams coming true. Colorful dining room

This room is seriously my favorite in the whole house. It’s always so bright and happy. I love sitting at my new chairs and eating breakfast every morning, and sitting with Jesse and chatting about our days every evening while dinner cooks. Since this room brings me so much happiness, I eventually want to funnel that joy to other rooms. Everything needs a little pop of pastel and some greenery to make it come alive, and that’s what I want to do, make my whole house seem alive. Upholstered dining room chairs

What do you think of my swanky new Target chairs? Could you have passed up such a good deal? Can’t wait to tune in later this week to show you all my spring decor in the living room!


  1. they look great! i love the details and love that this space makes you so happy!

  2. I LOVE the new chairs! What a great Target find!

  3. Love those chairs! We’re in the market for something similar. I think a few padded chairs on the end are such a nice and comfy touch!

  4. Are you going to paint the new chair legs to match the room as well?

    • I probably will I’m just not sure what color yet. I’m leaning towards white though. Even though they were not very expensive, I’m still afraid to paint them haha. I had no fear painting the cheap ones but something kind of nice makes me hesitate.

  5. LOVE IT!! The room is so springy!! I love the way the chairs go with your adorable table. Can you come decorate my dining room, please??? ;-P

  6. Target does it again! Great find, can’t wait to see it all decorated up!

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