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Spring Mantel Decor with Fresh Flowers

I used fresh flowers to bring color and life to my spring mantel decor. Flowers are the easiest, and best, way to decorate in spring!

Welcome to April folks! If you’ve been around this blog at all then you know that April is my favorite month. I think it has a little something to do with the fact that Jesse and I’s anniversary is in April. Plus Passover is also usually in April and it is definitely one of my favorite holidays. April is also a month of rebirth, flowers are blooming, things are coming back to life and the weather is finally warming up, it’s just a happy time. This year I really wanted to bring some of that life into the living room in my spring decor. Spring Mantle 2015I love the colorful Alomestria blooms. They are always so inexpensive at the grocery store and they last for freaking ever! I made the vases using old Frappachino containers, they remind me of old school milk bottles. To keep with the colorful display I also framed a fun picture of my favorite dessert, macarons! The picture is actually a card that my old coworkers gave me for my birthday last year. Spring MacaronsOn the other end of the mantle is an apothocary jar, but without lid, filled with fun colored eggs. I got the eggs on clearance at Target (I’ve been super lucky there lately!) the same day I picked up my new dining chairsEaster Egg GaloreOver to the right of the mantle is our wood stove which I’ve decorated to be super bright and cheerful as well. The white candle holder and little bunny are also from Target and I threw in some “springy” books for balance. I also had to add some greenery to the display with the rest of my Almosteria. Spring touchesUnderneath the mantle is a large square hole. It seems like it was maybe originally supposed to be the fireplace, but then the original owners decided to go with a woodstove instead. It has been quite a pain to decorate over the years, but I usually go with the “fill it until it doesn’t look terrible” strategy. It works ok. This time I filled a tin bucket with some glittery stems and flowers and the card mailbox from our wedding. Also birds and teal are totally a winning combo for spring. Fireplace Spring DecorationsI love how bright and colorful this display is. It has to be one of my favorite mantle displays that I have ever set up. I also think all the bright colors and flowers compliment the decor in the dining room too. Spring FireplaceEaster Mantle DecorAnd of course, no spring mantel decor in our house is complete without a wedding photo here or there. This one happens to be my absolute favorite. I paired the picture with one of my favorite candles (it smells like clean laundry and who doesn’t love that smell?!) and some purple Almosteria. Our wedding colors were green and purple, but not in a Barney kind of way, so I thought this was a cute way to tie it all together. Spring Wedding DecorNow that the house is all decorated it’s time for me to actually clean it. Unfortunately, creative Ashley and clean Ashley can’t coexist so if the house is decorated then you can guarantee that outside the scope of the lens there is a disaster area.

What do you think of my Easter/Passover/Spring mantle? Do you have a favorite month or season that you tend to go a little overboard with? I’m definitely a Christmas and Passover person. This is actually kind of hilarious if you think about it.


  1. love that wedding photo- what a sweet touch!

  2. Rebecca W

    Almosteria are my favorite flower!

  3. It looks so cheery! xo

  4. Love it! It looks so springy and happy! I need you to come decorate my house – I can never really figure out how to spruce it up for spring!

  5. Alex and I have been trying to figure out what to put in our non-working fireplace. Right now I just have some candles and I tray but I think I do need to just fill it more, haha 🙂

  6. Hey Ashley! I live in RVA & just started a blog & found you on Virginia Bloggers! I loved this set up! Spring colors are my favorite– and it’s the best season, too! Easter & Spring are all about new life, which is beautiful. Why do you say that Passover is your favorite as opposed to Easter?

    • Passover is just more relaxed and fun for us. We invite our friends over for a delicious dinner and spend all night celebrating and being thankful for our blessings. On Easter our families tend to fight for our time and make things more stressful since they celebrate that holiday.

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