Tips for Attending a Concert for Toddlers

Toddlers and concert aren’t words that one hears together often, but with these tips attending a concert for toddlers is an absolute blast.

Toddlers and concert. Those definitely aren’t two words that one hears together often, but with planning and an open mind it can be an amazing experience. We took the girls to see The Wiggles and it was the BEST thing we’ve done with them so far. At 1 and 3.5 we weren’t sure what to expect from the girls, but they had an absolute blast. I honestly can’t wait to do it again! Here’s a few tips for attending a concert for toddlers.

concert for toddlers

Concert for Toddlers Tips

Have Zero Expectations

Honestly, with a concert for toddlers, you never know what is going to happen. They can go from happy as clams to a complete meltdown in 2.5 seconds over the most trivial of things. Keep that in mind and just go for it. Don’t expect them to love it and behave, but don’t expect them to hate it either. Just take a chance and be open to whatever comes.

When I bought our tickets for The Wiggles the show was originally supposed to be at 12:30 in the afternoon. It was unexpectedly changed to 6:30 in the evening, aka right around bedtime. Which I still find unusual for a concert for toddlers. The show was in DC (2 hours away) so a fun family day trip turned into a late-night drive adventure. I was fully prepared for the girls to have a blast and for them to be whiny, miserable messes. I was pleasantly surprised that they handled the late night so well. 

Take ear protection (just in case)

Since this was a concert for toddlers I figured that the volume would be at a suitable level but I took earplugs and headphones just in case. A concert for kids is still a concert and it could be loud, especially if your kid is sensitive to loud noises. My oldest absolutely HATES loudness. I was a little worried about how she would do at The Wiggles concert, but the volume was honestly perfect. I am glad that I had some earphones for her as a precaution. If it had been loud she would have been freaking out.

Have fun!

Little kids take their cues from YOU! If you are annoyed or just counting down until it’s time to leave, then they are likely to pick up on it. Instead, dance, sing, laugh, and enjoy yourself! It was easy for us to have fun because we love The Wiggles. Our family listens to the songs on the regular, we know all of the dance moves and we don’t find them annoying.

Nothing beat dancing and singing along with our girls and having a grand ole family time. When the girls started to get tired or whiny, they would look over at their parents having fun and their attitudes would totally change. 

Take snacks and drinks

I know that this is a duh for all parents of tiny humans. We all know it’s important to have snacks on hand at all times. We treated my oldest to some popcorn before the show started, which she loved. I mean what kid doesn’t like eating popcorn in a theater?! The girls didn’t ask for any food during the show. But by the time we got back to the car they both just wanted snacks and water.

Dress up!

Make the kids feel special and dress them on theme for the occasion. It helps add to the excitement of where they’re going. My oldest didn’t quite get exactly what a concert entailed (not a surprise). She knew we were going to see The Wiggles but didn’t realize until the curtain rose and they were standing on a stage that we were seeing THE WIGGLES.

She was jumping up and down and screaming “It’s The Wiggles! It’s The Wiggles! It’s THEM!” She was even more excited about the bow in her hair and that she had pigtails like Emma when she was in the same room as Emma Wiggle.

As long-time fans of The Wiggles, this show was amazing! Though it was intended to be a concert for toddlers we also had a lot of fun. I was so proud of the girls and how they handled themselves. The baby was mesmerized for the entire show. She sat in our laps dancing and clapping the whole time. My toddler had a blast for the first half, got a little tired and distracted in the middle, and went back to singing and dancing for the rest of the show. I’d hands down take them to another concert anytime.

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