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Spring Living Room Decor

I love Spring! It’s by far my favorite season. It’s like the world is reawakening after the long winter and everything feels fresh. I think New Year’s should actually be in the Spring to be honest. The old year and cold is gone, time to reemerge into the new. With all of that in mind, I try to infuse as much life into my home in the Spring as possible. Fresh flowers, bright colors, spring cleaning, you name it! I love how my Spring living room decor came together!Spring Living Room DecorWe started our spring cleaning, also known as baby prep this year, two weeks ago when we (by we I mean Jesse) cleaned all of the carpets in the house. While he was moving the coffee table out, a piece of the glass top broke off which meant it was time for a new coffee table. Rather than spend money on a new one, Jesse recycled the legs from our old one and built a new coffee table. It’s almost done, just waiting for the Virginia weather to warm back up so he can seal the top. That thing is going to get lots of use as a coloring, snacking and playing station for Mara, so we want to make sure it can withstand most of the abuse. Though the living room feels HUGE without a coffee table and is perfect for all of Mara and I’s Moana dance parties. Spring Living Room DecorThe floating shelf behind the couch got a pop of color and a few fresh pieces of spring living room decor. I always pull out wedding photos to display in the Spring since Jesse and I got married in April. Actually, all our favorite days are in the spring. Mara’s birthday is coming up, Passover is the end of the month and our anniversary is next month. Baby Girl is due in June, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that she could come late May, especially if I get a C-section. Talk about another reason to love the springtime! Spring Living Room Decor Spring Living Room DecorI always switch out the mantle with the seasons, and for holidays. The mantle is usually the star of the spring living room decor show. I kept it super simple since I will be changing out a lot of decorations for Mara’s Moana themed birthday party soon. You can’t go wrong with bright colors and flowers for Spring though! Spring Living Room Decor Spring Living Room DecorThe dining room looks ready for Spring almost year round with the blue walls and colorful plate displays, but I added some fresh flowers and extra decor pieces anyway. I even channeled my inner Vern Yip with a vase of green apples. I’m pretty excited about the return of Trading Spaces and a few of my favorite designers! I’m not a big fan of watching home design shows, too much annoying suspense building, but I will definitely be watching this one! Spring Living Room DecorAnother reason I am super excited for Spring is OPEN WINDOWS! Our house has so many windows and natural light, but during the winter we tend to keep the blinds and curtains closed. We still have the original wood windows, so they aren’t exactly energy-efficient and keeping them closed up helps keep the house a bit warmer. Not the case when the weather is a little warmer. Having the windows open helps my attitude a ton and it really fuels my creativity, so I’m so ready for that! Spring Living Room DecorI’m so excited for everything this new season holds for our house and our family. Warm weather means more exploring outside and trips to the park and petting zoo. It also means working on more house projects in the garage because we have a ton to do for the nursery and our master bedroom. Just thinking about it all makes me feel giddy!


  1. June is still Spring (well until the 22nd so I hope you don’t go THAT overdue)!! Do you have a post about the floating table behind the coach?

  2. This looks great! You’ve done better than me, I need to get on that Spring cleaning. I feel like I just took the Christmas decorations down haha! Interesting read!


  3. Awesome content and decoration ideas that everyone can refer through it. And nice looking flooring you have.

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