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50+ of the Best Sports Movies on Disney Plus

If you’re a sports lover, or just looking for a fun movie to watch, these sports movies on Disney Plus are full of heart and excitement.

Sports movies have a way of exciting an audience, while also bringing them to tears. They are heartfelt, inspiring, exciting, and fun. Add in the fact that many sports movies are based on true stories and you have a winning formula! Whether you like racing, baseball, or just sports in general, there are plenty of sports movies to watch.

There are over 50 different sports movies on Disney Plus. Some are Disney Channel Original movies, others are theatrical films. No matter what sport you enjoy, there’s a movie for you streaming on Disney Plus!

sports movies on disney plus

Ball Sports Movies on Disney Plus


A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

A young baseball player is transported through a hole in time during an earthquake. He ends up in the time of King Arthur in Medieval England.

Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

Eddie is an aspiring baseball player, but his true passion is cooking. Despite pressure from his team and coach, he enters a culinary competition that interferes with his baseball schedule.

The Rookie

Jim coaches baseball after a shoulder injury ruined his chances at the major leagues. But his team makes a deal that if they win the district championship, he will try out again. This one is based on a true story!

The Sandlot: Heading Home

A major league baseball star, with a giant ego, gets hit in the face during a game. He is knocked unconscious and travels back in time to remember why he loves baseball in the first place.


Chang Can Dunk

Chang, an Asian American high school student in the band, bets the school’s star basketball player that he can dunk by homecoming.

The Dominican Dream

A documentary about Filipe Lopez. The young Dominican man was believed to be the future of basketball.

Double Teamed

Twins, Heidi and Heather Burge, are volleyball players. But when they move to a different school the basketball coach there recruits them for the team. This movie is based on the true story of the WNBA’s Burge sisters.

Full-Court Miracle

Lamont Carr is a professional basketball player forced out of the game due to a knee injury. He is persuaded to coach a struggling team at a private Jewish academy.

Glory Road

A college basketball coach in Texas decides to build a team based on talent rather than race. The team faces attacks by racists and a lack of support from their state. This film is based on a true story about the 1966 NCAA college basketball championship.

High School Musical

A high school basketball player named Troy discovers a love for musical theater thanks to the new girl at school. But musical rehearsals take away from preparing for the basketball championship.

Like Mike 2: Streetball

A young boy with dreams of becoming a basketball star finds a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes. They give him amazing skills on the court.

The Luck of the Irish

A basketball player researches his family history for a school assignment. He discovers that he is a Leprechaun and must try to win his family’s luck back.


Based on the true story of three Nigerian-Greek brothers that emigrate to the United States where they rise to fame and success in the NBA.


Bend It Like Beckham

A girl from a strict Indian family goes against her parents’ wishes and joins a semi-pro soccer team.

The Big Green

A teacher from England comes to a small-town Texas school and starts a soccer team to boost student morale.


A California soccer team recruits a young Yugoslavian boy and his goal-kicking mule.


The Game Plan

A bachelor football star learns that he has a daughter. Now he must learn to balance his career with the needs of his young child.


Based on the true story of Vince Papale, the oldest rookie in NFL history that never played football in college. Papale joins the Philadelphia Eagles after a fan try-out event for the team.

Remember the Titans

When Virginia schools are forced to integrate, a high school in Alexandria Virginia appoints its first Black football coach. Coach Boone has the seemingly impossible task of coaching the school’s first integrated team. This movie is based on the true story of Coach Herman Boone.


A Clemson University football player must raise his 11-year-old brother while juggling school and football. This is based on the true story of Ray McElrathbey.

Board Sports Movies on Disney Plus

Snowboarding, Skateboarding, and Surfing

Cloud 9

A young snowboarder takes lessons from a former champion of the sport. They inspire each other to persist and succeed at the sport.

Johnny Tsunami

Young surfer Johnny Kapahala, and his family, must move from Hawaii to Vermont. Cut off from his favorite sport, Johnny befriends a group of snowboarders who teach him to embrace his new life.

Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

Johnny returns to Hawaii for his grandfather’s wedding. He becomes involved in a turf war between his grandfather’s surf shop and a local mountain boarding shop.

Rip Girls

A young girl travels to Hawaii after inheriting property there. She learns to surf and grows an attachment to the property she originally wanted to sell.



An inline skater who rejects corporate sponsorships and “sellouts” must join a sponsored team to help his family financially. But can his friends accept his decision?

Go Figure

A young figure skater is desperate to attend a private school and be coached by a famous skating coach. But she can’t afford the school. So the skating coach arranges for her to join the hockey team on a scholarship.

Ice Princess

Casey plans to attend Harvard like her mother. She has the grades, but her passion is figure skating. She finds a coach and uses her intellect to help herself succeed as a skater.

Hockey Movies on Disney Plus

The Mighty Ducks

Gordan Bombay is a young lawyer who ends up with community service after being arrested for drunk driving. His service is coaching a local hockey team that is not good.

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Coach Bombay is picked to lead Team USA in an international hockey competition. He recruits The Mighty Ducks, and a few newcomers, to play for the team. But they are tempted to cash in on their fame and past success rather than train.

D3: The Mighty Ducks

The members of the Mighty Ducks receive scholarships to a prestigious prep school. But the school’s coach rejects their former “unruly” style of playing hockey. The players are discouraged so Coach Bombay returns to lift their spirits.


The 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team became a microcosm of American patriotism when they faced off against the Soviet Union for the Olympic gold medal. Based on a true story!

Racing Sports Movies on Disney Plus

Car Racing

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The story of a Formula One driver and his dog, who wants to be reincarnated as a human one day.

The Love Bug

A race car driver comes into the possession of a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind and spirit of its own. He and the car, named Herbie, become the talk of the California racing circuit.

Herbie Fully Loaded

Maggie dreams of becoming a NASCAR driver, but her father forbids it. A little Volkswagen Beetle that she picks up at the junkyard changes her life.

Miracle in Lane 2

A young man in a wheelchair wants to keep up with his brother and race in a soapbox derby. Based on the true story of Justin Yoder, the first person with a disability to compete in the All-American Soapbox Derby.

Right on Track

Eight-year-old Erica joins the National Hot Rod Association’s children’s league, despite constant teasing and sexism. Her supportive father helps her train to become a champion racer.

Dog Sled Racing

Iron Will

A boy registers for a marathon dog sled raise to win money and save his family’s farm.

Snow Dogs

A dentist from Miami inherits a mischievous team of sled dogs in Alaska. He finds himself in a dog sled race to save a new friend with a big secret.


The true story of a dogsled trainer and his lead sled dog in 1925. They must brave the treacherous terrain of Alaska to transport medicine to a small town.

Other Racing


A teenage girl poses as her twin brother to win a motocross race for him after he breaks his leg. But not everything goes according to plan.

Cool Runnings

A Jamaican sprinter is disqualified from the Olympics, so he recruits a bobsled coach to help him start the first Jamaican bobsled team. The film is very loosely based on a true story.

Ready to Run

A 14-year-old girl wants to become a horse jockey, but her mother forbids it. When she meets a talking horse, she trains him into a winner.

McFarland USA

Based on the true story of a 1987 cross-country team from a predominately Latino high school in MacFarland, California. The team went on to win the cross-country state championship.


A woman with zero experience takes over the management of her family’s thoroughbred horse farm for her ill father. She must navigate the male-dominated sport while learning. She helps foster a colt that eventually goes on to win the 1973 Triple Crown.

The Thirteenth Year

A teenage swimmer discovers that he is a mermaid on his thirteenth birthday.

Other Sports Movies on Disney Plus

Alley Cats Strike!

A group of teens become involved in an interschool bowling rivalry. They have one of the coolest kids in school on their team, but can he help them win?

Drum Line

A young drummer enrolls in a Southern university with the goal of leading the school’s infamous drum line. While this doesn’t seem like a sports movie, marching bands are an integral part of college football.

Going to the Mat

Jake is a talented musician and is blind. His family moves from New York to Utah, so Jack seeks a new hobby to help him make friends. He discovers that wrestling is a sport where blind people perform just as well as seeing people.

Gotta Kick It Up!

Based on the true story of a middle school dance team from a predominantly Latin-American school. The team must work with their strict Julliard-trained coach to find a middle ground between their cultures to win.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

This is a biographical sports movie based on Francis Ouimet and his journey to compete in the 1913 U.S. Open. Ouimet is a blue-collar young man who faces prejudice from the upper class while learning the game of golf.

Jump In!

A young boxer helps his friend’s rope-skipping team at the last minute and discovers a new passion. Now he has to choose between boxing or his new passion.

Morning Light

Fifteen young men and women prepare to enter one of the world’s most prestigious open-ocean sailing competitions. This is a documentary sports film.


A young woman wants to dance professionally but feels like she can’t due to obligations to her single mother. Then she meets a hip-hop team that shows her a different way of dancing.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Sonora trains to become a daredevil who rides horses from a high dive. She is given the opportunity to dive, but an injury may stop her career.

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