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Simple Spring Table Setting

A simple spring table setting means there’s plenty of room for food and no one feels crowded or overwhelmed by the “stuff” on the table.

I love having people over to my house. Dinner parties (or parties in general) are my jam! I can never resist the chance to decorate my house a little special and have company over. That being said, it’s so easy to feel pressure to go over the top with a fancy menu or decorations. It can turn what should be a fun event into a stressful nightmare. This means I’ve learned to embrace having things be simple. A simple spring table setting goes a long way. Plus, it means I don’t spend all my energy decorating before my friends even get there!

Using a Simple Table Setting for Spring Holidays

After Jesse built our beautiful dining table, I felt this insane pressure to create a beautiful spring table setting. I bought a tablecloth and flowers and went to town setting the perfect table. I spent so much time and energy on the table that I was rushing to get myself ready before our guests arrived. Then, Jesse asked what could have been his last words: “Can we move some of this stuff? Where’s the food supposed to go?” Before I could even start yelling, the doorbell rang and saved his life.

Our friends came in and sat at their “assigned spots,” untied their silverware and asked what to do with the place cards I made. Jesse cleared off the table and set out the food and dinner began. By the end of the night we had moved spots depending on conversation topics, spilled wine on my new tablecloth and demolished a delicious meal. While the nice tablescape was great to look at, it wasn’t a necessary part of the evening.

Keeping it Simple

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’ve totally thrown setting a nice table totally out the window. I’ve simply changed my approach. I buy flowers and that is my ONLY purchase. Everything else comes from shopping my home decor and using things we have on hand. Here are two examples of spring/Passover tables that I kept simple.spring table

spring table

Simple, yet pretty. And there’s always room for food! We’ve thrown enough dinner parties over the years to know that nobody wants to get up for seconds. It’s so much easier and more comfortable to serve a big meal family style, with everything right there on the table. As the night goes on people can continue to munch and drink without having to get up. It results in WAY less leftovers since no one ever feels self-conscious for walking over to the kitchen for a second or third time.

Creating My Simple Spring Table Setting

This year, I embraced simple yet again for my Passover/Easter/Spring table setting. I went to Lidl and picked up a large bouquet of tulips to use as my centerpiece. Then, I opened up my home decor closets and let the creative juices flow. I decided to play with color against a black and white backdrop. I made a simple table runner for a baby shower over the summer with a black and white floral fabric. It was perfect for what I was envisioning for this spring table! spring table

spring table

The Centerpiece

Rather than put the tulips in a simple glass vase, I opted for this sky blue pail that I got at IKEA forever ago. It really pops against the runner and I love the large size. spring table

I inherited two milk glass bowls from my grandmother many years ago and they are in constant rotation around the house. For my table I decided to fill them with faux eggs and a candle votive. The eggs are from Target a few years back and they make an appearance every spring. spring table

The Place Settings

We don’t have china or special dinnerware for guests, so we just use our simple, square white plates. I used to stack our dishes with salad plates or bowls, but honestly, nobody uses them. I don’t feel like collecting extra plates this year, so I’m skipping the stacking. It may be more visually appealing, but it’s not practical for this dinner party. Instead, I wrapped the silverware in napkins and topped each one with a bit of greenery. People will still have to untie their silverware, but it still cuts a lot of clutter. spring table

Of course everyone has a water glass and a wine glass. I’m obsessed with our green stemless wine glasses. (They were a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and I have no idea where she got them.) They add another pop of color and unique element to the Spring table and are 100% necessary. spring table

Setting my spring table this way means there’s plenty of room for food and no one feels crowded or overwhelmed by all the “stuff” on the table. Plus, after dinner cleanup, I can leave the centerpieces and runner on the table and it wont interfere with our daily lives. There’s room for Mara to color and for me to sit on my computer with my planner and work on the blog. Keeping seasonal decor simple and unobtrusive just means that you can actually savor and enjoy it without feeling like it’s taking over your life. spring table

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And if you’re interested in seeing some of the Passover/weekend action I will be sharing a bit on Instagram and Instastories! Follow me @attemptsatdomestication!

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  1. It’s so bright and beautiful! And I love the tulips. I always love fresh flowers but rarely splurge. I need to do that more.

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