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Rustic Inspired Fall Mantel

Create a rustic-inspired fall mantel using wood tones and natural elements. This mantel combines the jewel tones of fall with a simple design.

I’m not usually one to rush into Autumn, but I am SO READY for it this year. Having a new baby means that I’ve spent more than my fair share of time inside this summer. When I have gone out it’s just been to run errands for the most part. I’ve been running said errands in my “momiform” aka leggings and big t-shirts. It’s just too dang hot for leggings, which means it’s just too dang hot in general. Bring on cool weather, oversized sweaters, and boots. Also, bring on cozy mornings with hot coffee, pumpkin candles, and baked goods.

This year I was inspired to use a little more green in my mantel decor, which I paired with some purple. Green and purple are always a winning combination in my book. They were Jesse and I’s wedding colors. Not these exact shades, but you get the idea. I also wanted to reuse a lot of the decor that I already had but in a fresh way. I painted a few pieces to give them a different look. Everything that I bought new was super inexpensive, like from the Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot (or whatever that area is called now). I really love how this rustic-inspired fall mantel came together!

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rustic inspired fall mantel

Creating a Rustic Inspired Fall Mantel

The big kickoff for this mantel setup was the vertical FALL sign. The idea to use some scrap wood and wooden craft letters popped into my head one night. The craft letters were a Michael’s purchase, but I had everything else on hand. I found the piece of wood in the scrap pile in the garage. I cut it down with the miter saw, gave it a light sanding, and then stained it. For craft projects, I really love using Minwax Wood Finishing Clothes. Simply pop on a pair of nitrile gloves, wipe the stain on, and then throw the finishing cloth and gloves away. It literally took me 15 minutes in the garage after the baby went to bed. When I’m crafting I don’t like to pull out brushes and a can of stain for something that can take 2 minutes. It’s just not worth it.

rustic inspired fall mantel

| Glass Bottle (Similar, but not $1) | Ceramic Pumpkin (Similar) | Faux Wheat Stalks (similar) |

I’m really obsessed with the green glass bottle that I found at Dollar Tree. They had several different colors and designs, so I’m definitely going to go back for more! I already had the wheat stalks and ceramic pumpkin on hand from past fall decor.

| Galvanized Watering Can | Velvet Pumpkin (Similar) |

Finding Fall Decor Around the House

I’ve had the watering tin for several years. It’s from IKEA. The purple flowers are Alstroemeria, paired with some greenery. I love Alstroemeria because it is inexpensive and the blooms last forever. The green velvet pumpkin, and the other green and white pumpkin, were from Dollar Tree as well. I was actually surprised by the selection at Dollar Tree this year. I always forget about it as an option for inexpensive decor. So many items are easily tweaked or painted to become something new. It’s crafting without feeling guilty for “wasting money.” There isn’t a craft store closer than 20 minutes to my house, so the Dollar Tree 5 minutes away is my first go-to!

The Locally Grown sign usually hangs in the kitchen, but I stole it to use on the fireplace this year. I am OBSESSED with this sign. I bought it for myself for my birthday a few years ago from Onion Grove Mercantile. It is still one of my favorite home purchases ever. I can’t believe I never thought of using it in my seasonal decorations earlier! And I’m definitely going to get some pictures of the girls in cute little fall outfits in front of it at some point. Mara was a little concerned at first that it wasn’t in its usual spot, but she’s adjusted now haha.

rustic inspired fall mantel

I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be adding some more fall touches to the house and willing the weather to cool off.

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