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Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas

Rapunzel birthday party ideas for the perfect Tangled celebration! Create a giant Rapunzel braid and a purple and pink balloon garland.

When the movie Tangled premiered in 2010 it became an instant Disney classic! Children everywhere fell in love with the spunky princess, Rapunzel.

My daughter is one of those children! Rapunzel has been her favorite princess for the past year. And she was obsessed with having a Rapunzel birthday party.

These are a few easy Rapunzel birthday party ideas for decorations. The key is using lots of pink, purple, and gold accents!

rapunzel birthday party ideas

This theme was a bit easier than the Encanto birthday party that I put together for my other daughter!

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Pink and Purple Decor for a Rapunzel Birthday Party

The two colors that stand out the most when it comes to Rapunzel are pink and purple. Those are the colors of her dresses throughout the movie. I relied heavily on pink and purple for bringing my theme together. I covered the tables with inexpensive purple tablecloths.

Then, I purchased this pink and purple balloon garland kit from Target for $15. It includes 45 pink and purple balloons, 3 purple foil balloons, 2 paper honeycombs, 3 tassels, a metallic fringe backdrop, zip ties, a balloon strip, and fishing line. The balloon garland and backdrop were the focal points of all of the party decor.

The Secret to Balloon Garlands

The true secret to making easy balloon garlands is to invest in an electric balloon pump! I have the Idaodan electric balloon pump. It was less than $20 on Amazon. It saves me so much time when preparing for parties. Plus, it makes creating balloon garlands a breeze! I keep a large stash of various colors of balloons and make a garland to celebrate most minor holidays, birthdays, or special achievements. If you host a lot of events or enjoy decorating for parties, you need this balloon pump!

Use a Garment Rack for a Backdrop

After I assembled the balloon garland, I attached the backdrop and balloons to an adjustable garment rack. I’ve had my rack for years for hanging laundry to dry. It worked amazing for creating a party backdrop. I’m definitely going to use it for that more often!

Garment racks are pretty inexpensive. This rack is less than $10 at Target. They are also easy to collapse or disassemble for easy storage.

How to Make a Rapunzel Braid

The most fun decoration for this party was the giant braid I created. It looks just like Rapunzel’s long hair!

To make this Rapunzel braid you need:

First, open and unfold three yellow tablecloths. Then bunch the tablecloths into three lines. Secure the tablecloths together at one end with a hair elastic.

Traditionally braid the tablecloths together. Keep the braid tight all the way down. This is a little tricky at first, but it gets easier as you work your way down the braid.

Once the tablecloths are braided, secure the end with another elastic. Then tie a purple ribbon over the elastic.

Use your hands to fluff out the braid. This makes the decoration appear fuller.

After the braid is finished, attach faux flowers down the length of the braid using super glue.

I used a leftover flower garland from my party supplies for my flowers. They are cardboard. But you could also use faux floral stems.

I draped the giant braid on the snack table. It was the perfect touch!

rapunzel birthday party ideas

Rapunzel Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Since Rapunzel is a fairly popular Disney Princess, it isn’t very difficult to find licensed Rapunzel party decorations. This is very different than past themes my kids chose, like Encanto, Mulan, and Mary Poppins.

Party City has beautiful Rapunzel plates and napkins that we purchased. A lot of Party City decor is affordable, so it’s always my first stop for party decorations.

I also ordered a few things from Amazon, like these cardboard centerpieces. And this party favor display. The bottom consists of triangular boxes that look like cake slices. I put Disney Princess fruit snacks and elastic bracelets in each box. Then, stack the octagonal box and topper on top of the boxes.

My favorite find on Amazon was a gold banner that says “Best Day Ever.” Rapunzel shouts “Best Day Ever” in the movie. And my daughter says it all the time as a result. I hung the banner in front of the backdrop, under the balloon garland. It really drove the Rapunzel theme home.

rapunzel birthday party ideas

For the cake, my local grocery store bakery only had a cake with several Disney Princesses. So I requested a smaller cake, made for just one princess. They put all of the cake topper pieces in a bag for me. So when it was time to serve the cake, I just added one tower and Rapunzel. It worked out perfectly.

These Rapunzel birthday party ideas were perfect for my daughter’s small party. Using specific colors, with themed touches makes for a simple but fun way to decorate.

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  1. The braided hair was a fun idea and the cake is so cute. Happy Birthday to your daughter!


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