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Baby Girl Nursery Progress and Sneak Peek

We made a ton of progress in our second baby girl nursery over the few weekends before Bellamy’s arrival. It felt so therapeutic to have some art on the walls, curtains hung and baby gear unpacked. In all reality, the nursery wont be “finished” until after Bellamy is ready to transition out of our room and into her crib. However, having nothing done in the nursery was starting to stress Jesse and I both out, so we definitely wanted to get some things done before bringing her home.

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I set out with a vision for a purple and teal baby girl nursery, and I’m happy to report that I pretty much made that vision a reality! baby girl nursery

| Paint – Olympic Thin Ice | Monogram | Crib Sheet | Butterflies | Crib | Animal Prints | Pillow | Curtains|

The biggest time-saver for this space is that we decided not to repaint the room. It was already a light, calm gray, so I decided to leave it that way and focus on adding color via the decor. This is a huge difference between this baby girl nursery and Mara’s bright pink one. We also decided to reuse this dresser that we’ve had for years. I like the pairing of the wood tones and the gray walls. It definitely needs some new hardware though! I’ve been on the hunt, but have struck out at my usual places. The drawers are super thick, so standard pulls just aren’t working out. If I can’t find anything I love (and that’s affordable) we may try to re-work the holes, but I’d rather just buy something at this point. I’d rather sleep than drill knob holes in a dresser. baby girl nursery

Above the dresser/changing area are the gorgeous woodland animal prints that I bought from a vendor (PeanutPrintsBoutique) on Etsy. I just LOVE them! They also pull on my sentimental decorating heartstrings a bit because the fox, owl and deer are all “spirit animals” for some special people that I’ve lost over the years. I haven’t quite decided on an animal for Bellamy yet, but I’m sure it will come to me as time passes! I decided on Mara’s before she was born (she’s an owl) so she has a few little owls around her room. baby girl nursery

baby girl nursery

I found a cute little hamper at HomeGoods on a whim one day and love that it brings another pop of color and pattern to the room. Above that is just a set of hooks to hang bows and hats on. I have SO MANY bows from when Mara was a baby, so I definitely needed a place to display those for Bellamy as well. I crafted a little display for Mara’s bows, which is super cute, but it was a pain in the butt to put the bows back everyday. They usually just ended up in a pile somewhere until they drove me nuts enough to hang them back up. I figured with the hooks I can just throw them back up at the end of the day and be done with it. baby girl nursery

The curtains are from Target and they are blackout curtains. Having blackout curtains for Mara’s room was a game changer for naps, so I knew I needed them from the start for this Belle. I made Mara’s blackout shades (not blog worthy haha) and I didn’t want the headache of doing that again. These curtains were a bit of a splurge for me at $25 per panel, but I am cutting a corner and turning each panel into two. The panels are wide enough to work as two for this room because I can’t hang the curtains wide since they butt up against walls. I’m also planning to add some frilly fabric to the bottom so the curtains won’t be like the high-water pants I had in middle school. I have no idea when I will get to this project, but it will happen eventually. All that matters now is that they are curtains to block out light!

Since we are keeping Mara in her crib (she’s never tried to climb out) for as long as possible, we decided to buy Belle her own crib. I wanted to keep it super simple and am obsessed with the clean lines of the crib we chose. I decided that I didn’t want another white crib, especially with the wood toned dresser, so we ordered one in a darker gray. I decided to order a wood sign, from Etsy shop Needmore Heart, with Bellamy’s full name on it, instead of a monogram, for over the bed. I really love the look of her name in a script font. I plan on ordering a few crepe paper flowers to go around her name to jazz it up a little. baby girl nursery

baby girl nursery

baby girl nursery

I definitely plan on doing something with the space around the closet, but I’m not sure what yet… It just looks so empty. Also you don’t get to see the other side of the room because, honestly, there’s nothing to see. Jesse’s desk and bookshelf are still in this room, plus a mattress usually lives on the floor. Bellamy will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for several weeks so we are waiting to move Jesse’s desk into our room. This will give him a space to use in the evenings for work, or video games. Once his desk is out, there will be a glider in that space. It will most likely be the one currently in Mara’s room, but we are torn. Mara still enjoys reading books and rocking before bed, so we are on the fence about moving her glider. I have an old rocker that will go in Mara’s room, but it isn’t very comfy. I don’t really care as long as there’s a glider in here when we transition Belle to her crib. Whenever there is a glider, that’s also when I will hang the paper butterflies on the wall behind it. They look so whimsical and fun! baby girl nursery

I can’t wait to share this space when it’s completed in the fall! Yep, that’s right. The fall. Don’t worry, it will be here before you know it. ;)

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