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Since I’m snuggling my newborn baby girl,  I wanted to arrange for a little blog “maternity leave” of sorts. I’ve asked several fellow bloggers to play a little game having to do with home decor and design. The game is called Fling, Marry, Kill. It’s exactly like F*ck, Marry, Kill, but with home design trends. Each guest will be sharing what design trend they’d have a Fling with but couldn’t stand to keep permanently, what trend they could Marry and keep around forever, and the trend they think needs to die. Today’s guest is my friend Whitney of WorthyStyle

Hi y’all! In case you don’t know my blog or me, I wanted to give a brief introduction. I’ve been blogging at WorthyStyle.com since May of 2008, and have actually had a “blog” of some sort online since 2001. I’ve always written on all sorts of things – fashion, beauty, my infertility journey, my more recent musings as a Mom, and home decor is there but not as much as the other things! I used to work in the legal sector but left all of that when we learned by pregnancy journey was going to be a more involved part of my life. We now have a smart and rambunctious 14-month-old named Margaret. I believe I met Ashley probably about four years ago and have enjoyed watching her family grow as she continues to make their house a home! 

Fling, Marry, Kill in home decor is definitely a fun game for me. I subscribe to many home decor magazines and there are so many looks that I just CANNOT for the life of me get on board. Other ones make me swoon, and some are only nice in small dollops (IMHO).

Fling –

For me, a fling that I would not be able to have in my home for long term would be lacquer. I like lacquer paint in small doses, but the high gloss would not work in my house for long term. I could see places where it might be fun to amp up the volume with a bold color that is heavily lacquered but not a forever sort of look. I even think I would include lacquer furniture in this category. I have very old world tastes and not a big fan of modern furniture and I think heavily lacquered furniture would also fall into this category! 

Marry –

A trend that epitomizes me is what I call “Hunt Country Chic” or “English Country.” I think it is SO timeless and I absolutely adore it. I never tire of this look and it just cheers me up when I find a piece that I think words in this aesthetic. British racing green, wicker or rattan with beautifully finished natural woods, toile, plus that mix of fun patterns made famous by Dorothy Draper and Elsie de Wolfe (kinda sorta Hollywood Regency), that’s me! 

Kill –

One word… NEON. *groans* I just cannot. Never not ever. And the fact that it is a trend to put neon phrases on your walls? NO. Phrases in general on walls? STOP. 

…as I get off my high horse, I hope you have enjoyed following along on my post today. If you are interested in checking me out here in the online world here is my blog link, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m pretty good at being active on all three!

A big shout out and thank you to Whitney for playing! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram and Facebook


  1. It was so much fun to participate in Fling/Marry/Kill decor edition with you! XOXO

  2. I’m with you on lacquer paint in small doses!! I think it’s such a fun pop of color but probably not something I could have long-term or everywhere in the house!

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