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Layered Curtains for the Dining Room

Layered curtains help curtains appear fuller and of higher quality. Layering patterned and solid curtains are also visually interesting.

Sometimes finding the right curtains for a space in your home is difficult. The colors are sometimes difficult to coordinate. Or the curtains you really want are out of your budget.

Affordable curtains are often thin and look cheap. But there is an easy trick for making them look more luxurious. Layering! Layered curtains appear more full. Full curtains look more luxurious.

Layered curtains also provide more visual interest because you can layer various colors or patterns of curtains.


I fell in love with these gray patterned curtains from IKEA. They look kind of like a topographical map! However, they are incredibly sheer. I worried that for a large bay window the curtains would look cheap. The amount of privacy we would have with such sheer curtains was also an issue.

Ultimately, I purchased a pair of solid gray curtains that matched the gray in the pattern on the topographic curtains. I hung the gray curtains behind the patterned curtains. The result was fuller-looking curtains. And more privacy!


Layered Curtains Made Easy

IKEA sells mounts for curtains that make layering easy. It is called the Racka/Hugard Double Curtain Rod Combination. It includes 3 wall brackets, 6 curtain rod holders, and 2 curtain rods. This combination package is outfitted to hold a combination of heavy and light curtains. I just hung two pairs of light curtains though.


I never realized how happy something simple like new curtains, and a bouquet of fresh flowers could make me. It really is the simple things. We’ve been in this house for over a year. I’m just now transforming the downstairs. It makes me so happy.


This room reflects me. The fun green color, the kind of nerdy topographical printed curtains, the large rustic family table, the fun table runner, the fresh flowers, and a large amount of natural light.


What do you think of the new curtains? Isn’t it a large improvement from the old lady curtains? What room in your house do you think reflects you and your style the most?


  1. The curtains made the room all come together!I love the look!!!Great job ;]!Oh and yesss, the simple things are the best :}!

  2. Very cute! I love the pattern and the entire room just looks so fresh. Awesome job!

  3. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    I love how it’s all coming along in there! It’s very cheery and those curtains were a great touch!

  4. Katie @ pps

    WOAH!!! What a FANTASTIC change!!! Love them!

  5. I so need window treatments. We currently have boring, ugly blinds in just about every room of our house. I really want to put up some roman shades in our living/dining room but I think I need to paint first, which means I need to pick a color…

    I love the curtains you picked, they really pull the room together and make it look breezy. Great job!

  6. Wow- they really did change the whole room!! They look fabulous!! I love that you’ve started the plate wall too : )

  7. I can’t believe you’ve been in your house for that long already!
    I really love that you hung the curtains high & wide – they look really great, and the entire space has really come together. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  8. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Beautiful! I love the fabric. The room has all come together SO well. You guys must be so happy with all of it!!

  9. Yay! I have been looking forward to saying goodbye to those old ones, haha! They new ones are great! Good job!

  10. What a huge transformation! They really make the whole room. Though my favorite project is still the table โ€“ you should be proud!!

  11. Krystle @ Color Transformed Family

    Such an improvement over the granny curtains. I really like them and love that you went with such a light color. If I had those windows in my house I bet they would be my yorkie’s favorite spot to sunbathe!

  12. I can not believe the difference the curtains make! wowza!
    I also love the way you hung them. We have a box bay window – so 4 windows are in a row, instead of angled like yours – and the curtain rod is inside the alcove against the windows. I’m totally moving it to the outside like this! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And the curtains do kind of look like a map… haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Glad I’m not the only one that sees a map haha!

      And yes! You should totally hang the curtains on the outside. I love how it makes the window more of a statement in the room.

  13. Anne @ wit wisdom and food

    Love the look of the room. Curtains look great. My mom made me curtains and I still haven’t hemmed them. Too much measuring an always something more fun to do.
    Thanks for linking up to DIY May-nia. Looking forward to seeing great projects.

  14. Whitney @ drab to fab

    Ahhh!! Soooo much better!! I love how you’ve transformed your dining room to your tastes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Looks awesome! They really made a big difference…so glad its starting to feel like home for you! What’s your next project?

    • Thanks! Our next real project is getting the outside of our house spruced up! It needs to be power washed, mulched and patio furniture fixed up.

  16. What a huge difference! I love them! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Those are awesome! They totally make the room!

  18. yep, totally transformed the room. looks beautiful. great choice!

  19. I do LOVE those curtains!!! They seem nice and bright with just the right amount of design to them!

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