DIY Wine Rack

Whew! It has been one hell of a week! Starting a new job is definitely an adjustment, and to make this adjustment even worse I’ve been spending the last 45 minutes of every work day in traffic. It takes me 25 minutes to get to work, but almost double to get home! Yesterday, I tried to avoid the traffic and ended up sitting on a back road for even longer. Soooo… I went home and poured myself a big ole glass of wine. Now I’ve been a wine connoisseur (I use that term VERY loosely) for years and I usually just put my bottles on a shelf in the pantry. Which is disgraceful. But imagine my excitement a few weeks ago at Haven when Home Depot handed me a kit for building a wine rack. DIY Wine RackThe rack came in 6 pieces, 2 for each shelf and then 2 sides, plus all of the screws to assemble it. Home Depot could not have made it any simpler. Seriously. I could have built this rack while drinking wine. I DO NOT CONDONE DRINKING WINE WHILE USING POWER TOOLS OF ANY KIND. DIY Wine Rack by Home DepotNow some of the cuts on the pieces were a little rough. (It’s ok Home Depot, I don’t blame you. That much.) But it was nothing the sanding attachment on my handy dandy Dremel couldn’t fix. The Dremel was my tool of choice because the small, round attachment worked perfectly in the curved areas of the shelves. Dremel Sanding attachmentAfter I Dremeled (Is that a verb?) the curved areas, I hand-sanded all of the flat areas to prep them for staining. I stained the rack using another goodie from Haven, Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths! These cloths are amazing and currently my most favorite toy. I love just slapping on a pair of gloves, grabbing a wipe and smearing on the stain. Simple.Minwax Stain WipesThe wipes I got came in a beautiful Dark Mahogany. My favorite Minwax color is Dark Walnut, but I’m still very happy with the Dark Mahogany. Dark stain is my jam.Wine Rack piecesAfter the stain dried I put the whole thing together and filled it with wine bottles. I also poured a glass for myself. For photography reasons of course. Now this rack isn’t very large, which is fine for me right now because usually I drink them more than I store them. When we go to vineyards and buy several bottles this will really come in handy though. Hopefully when Jesse stops traveling every couple of weeks we can plan a little vacation to go wine tasting. Mmmm… wine.DIY Wine RackNow the above pictures are pretty lovely, and staged. But it’s all a lie. The wine rack does not normally live on my kitchen table. It lives on the counter, between the refrigerator and the microwave. Glamorous, I know.DIY Wine Rack - real lifeRight now the dark stain doesn’t match anything in my kitchen. It’s rich and elegant, and my kitchen is not. But it will be, one day. Hopefully one day soon I will have a gorgeous kitchen. One with white cabinets and a fun backsplash. It’s the American Dream, and when that dream comes true I will have a lovely little wine rack to go with it.


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