Do It Yourself DIY Wine Rack

A simple do it yourself DIY wine rack. It holds six bottles of wine. It’s a good start for anyone looking to organize and display their wine.

I don’t have a large wine collection. But I do keep several different varieties on hand at home. I usually just put my bottles on a shelf in the pantry. Which is disgraceful. And unorganized.

I was thrilled after Haven when Home Depot gifted me a kit for building a do it yourself DIY wine rack.ย 

DIY Wine Rack

Assembling a Do It Yourself DIY Wine Rack

The wine rack came in 6 pieces, 2 for each shelf and then 2 sides. Plus all of the screws to assemble it. Home Depot could not have made it any simpler.

Even if this DIY wine rack wasn’t in a kit, it would still be easy to create using a 1×8 and a jigsaw.

DIY Wine Rack by Home Depot

DIY Wine Rack Supplies

  • 1 1×8 unfinished whitewood board
  • 1 1×4 unfinished whitewood board
  • 8 1 1/2″ screws
  • Stain wipes
  • Jig saw
  • Miter saw
  • Dremel with a round sanding attachment
  • Drill

Cut List

  • 2 9″ 1×8
  • 4 14″ 1×4
  • 6 curves (3″ diameter)

Start with the most simple cuts. Use a miter saw, or circular saw, to cut two 9-inch long pieces of 1×8 whitewood. These pieces are the ends of the wine rack.

Next, cut 4 14-inch long pieces of 1×4 whitewood. These pieces will support the wine bottles.

Things get a little more tricky when cutting the round spaces for the wine bottles. Each round space needs to have a diameter of 3″ to support a standard-size wine bottle.

The simplest way to make these cuts is to draw, or trace, a circle on a piece of cardboard. The circle needs to have a diameter of 3″ across the center. Then trace half of the circle onto the 1×4 every 1″. The end result is 3 round spaces with an inch of wood between each.

Sanding the Wine Rack

Some of the cuts on the pieces were a little rough, even from a kit. But it was nothing the sanding attachment on my Dremel couldn’t fix. The Dremel MultiPro was my tool of choice because the small, round attachment worked perfectly in the curved areas of the shelves.ย 

If you don’t have a Dremel, using sandpaper and sanding by hand works just as well!

Dremel Sanding attachment

After I Dremeled (Is that a verb?) the curved areas, I hand-sanded all of the flat areas to prep them for staining.

I stained the rack using Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths. These cloths are amazing and are my favorite way to stain. I love just slapping on a pair of gloves, grabbing a wipe and smearing on the stain. It’s so fast and simple!

Minwax Stain Wipes

I used the Minwax Dark Mahogany wipes for this project. My favorite Minwax color is Dark Walnut, so I’m very happy with the Dark Mahogany.

Wine Rack pieces

After the stain dries it’s time to assemble. The centerpieces, or shelves, of the wine rack should sit flush along the bottom and top edges of the sides. Use a single 1 1/2″ screw to attach each shelf to the sides.

You could seal the wood with polyurethane, but I decided to leave mine as is.

This DIY wine rack isn’t very large, so it’s perfect for a small collection on a countertop.

DIY Wine Rack

Now the above pictures are pretty lovely, and staged. But it’s all a lie. The wine rack does not normally live on my kitchen table. It lives on the counter, between the refrigerator and the microwave. Glamorous, I know.

DIY Wine Rack - real life

Right now the dark stain doesn’t match anything in my kitchen. It’s rich and elegant, and my kitchen is not. But it will be, one day.

Hopefully one day soon I will have a gorgeous kitchen. One with white cabinets and a fun backsplash.

*See that kitchen dream come true here!*


  1. Those stain wipes would be SO HANDY for small projects! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for those, particularly for some unfinished picture frames we have!

  2. This is so cool! And how have I never heard of stain wipes before?

  3. a wine tasting vacation. i want one of those!! love that little wine rack. it’s perfect!!

  4. I’m really bad about not displaying my wine too. This looks like a fun project!

  5. OH I love how this turned out!! Those stain wipes are SO cool ๐Ÿ™‚ I love dark stains too!! I hope the traffic situation gets better for you. (p.s. we should get lunch sometimes since we are so close now!)

  6. Love a good glass of cab sav! What a fun project.

  7. Haven swag for the wine…I mean win! I love a good pinot noir.

  8. I am jealous that you got a wine rack – we missed out on this at Haven.

    Love the style of the wine rack and the color stain, too. Super great addition to your counter.

  9. What the?! A KIT?!?! How did I not know about this? I need one stat. Love the style and color of the stain.

  10. Hi Ashley! Your project came together so nicely! I haven’t busted out my stain wipes yet. Glad to know they’re so easy to apply.

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