“Traffic Light” Lingerie Shower Gift

Looking for a fun gift idea for a lingerie shower? Try this “Traffic Light” lingerie gift! There’s a gift for every mood and it’s so much fun to open.

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*This post was originally published April 28, 2014 and updated April 6, 2021*

A lingerie shower can be a fun way for a bachelorette to collect some fun lingerie for their honeymoon. I had one as part of my Bachelorette party and it was so much fun. However, one of my favorite gifts from my lingerie shower was actually a cute set of pajamas. They were so comfortable and I definitely wore them more than any other gift I received. Another friend gifted me a long, to my ankles, nightgown that looked like something they would wear on Little House on the Prairie. She called it my “not tonight” outfit. It was a hilarious spin on all of the other traditional lingerie shower gifts.

The next time I was invited to a Bachelorette/lingerie shower I remembered those gifts and came up with an idea to buy gifts that ranged from super sexy, to cute and comfy. I bought red, yellow and green tissue paper and printed out a little tag with a traffic signal on it. The tag has a little guide explaining what each gift represents, though it’s also probably self-explanatory. Thus the “Traffic Light” lingerie shower gift was born.

lingerie shower

“Traffic Light” Lingerie Shower Gift – What to Buy

The first gift in the bag is wrapped in red tissue paper. Red is the “not tonight” outfit. Instead of a grandma nightgown that will never get worn, I opt for cute and comfortable pajamas. It’s most likely this is something the bride is going to wear regularly, so it really is practical and appreciated in a sea of thongs and corsets.


The next gift is wrapped in yellow tissue paper. I usually opt for something flirty, yet practical for sleeping. It’s an open invitation for your spouse to make a move. Or to just go to sleep feeling cute. I typically buy something silky with a little lace for this “maybe tonight” gift. A simple nightie or shorts with a lace trimmed top are great options.


And the last gift is wrapped in green tissue paper. Green means GO! This gift should be a super sexy, impractical outfit. AKA the gift a bachelorette is most likely to receive at a lingerie shower anyway. Another idea, especially if you are on a budget, would be to just put some green tissue paper in the bottom of the bag with a little note about how nothing is best in bed. 😉

lingerie shower

This “Traffic Light” lingerie shower gift is always a hit! The bride to be usually appreciates receiving some more practical clothes along with the more traditional lingerie.

Did you have a lingerie shower for your wedding? Did you get anything more on the practical side, or all fun stuff? 

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