One Room Challenge – Kitchen Remodel | Week 5 Update

It’s Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! (If you’re unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, it’s a biannual design challenge where 20 designers (and even more guests like me) tackle a room makeover in 6 weeks.) For the ORC we are working on a kitchen remodel, and boy do I wish we had done this sooner! We’re only halfway through our to-do list, but it’s already looking AMAZING!

ORC Guest

Well, the One Room Challenge is almost over and we still aren’t quite done. We’ve hit a few personal snags here towards the end that have made working on the kitchen a little difficult. I’ve decided to finish the two easiest projects on the list this week though, painting the walls and adding the shelves.

Here’s the plan for our One Room Challenge Kitchen Remodel:

  • Paint the cabinets 
  • Replace the outdated hardware
  • Replace the current backsplash (postponed)
  • Take out a few cabinets
  • Add floating shelves
  • Repair and repaint ceiling (postponed)
  • Paint walls

The walls have been patched and sanded from where we removed the cabinets, so all I need to do is prime and paint! I’m excited to do this, though I am a tad nervous about how it will all come together. For now, I just plan on painting the kitchen. But the kitchen walls now flow into the dining room since we’ve removed the cabinets. I don’t plan on painting the dining room at this point (though I will eventually). I am thinking that I will probably use the trim around the French doors as my stopping point for paint. I’m like the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie when it comes to home projects. If you totally makeover the kitchen, I will want to tweak the dining room. 

My other small dilemma with finishing this project is the floating shelves. I thought buying floating shelves that would support our dishes would be easy, but it hasn’t been. Almost everything I’ve seen has terrible reviews or isn’t made to support heavy dishes. I’ve looked into several DIY options, which would give me the stability that I need, but DIYing would take a little time. And with only a few days left to finish, time is of the essence!

I’m so in love with the progress in our kitchen thus far. It’s so beautiful! And it has me excited about house projects again! I’ve also learned a lot about what to realistically expect when makeover space with a toddler and an infant hanging around.

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