Color-Blocked Colorful Dining Room Chairs

These color-blocked chairs are the perfect pop for farmhouse decor! I painted the colorful dining room chairs to pair with our kitchen table.

If there was a prize for being the slowest project finisher in the Universe, I would win it. Hands down. I get 80% done and then things just hold me up from putting the finishing touches on things. This colorful dining room chairs project has been no exception, but it’s finally done! And I’m in love. Dining room chairs - finishedI was actually pretty nervous about color blocking the legs because I’m not one to really take risks with color, but after I painted the chairs all white I knew that I had to do something or it would look bland whenever we got around to painting the kitchen cabinets. And man, stepping out of my comfort zone feels pretty good! refinished kitchen chairsThe legs are like the perfect Robin’s Egg blue, I wish I could remember the name of the paint but I threw the can away last weekend. *bad blogger* All I remember is that the color is by Olympic, but we had it color-matched with Behr paint. I usually use Olympic paint, but on that particular day the paint guy at Lowe’s was being extremely rude and treating me like I was a dumb @$$, so I went to Home Depot instead. I’ve had issues with that guy at Lowe’s before, so now I just go to Home Depot to avoid him. I’m really mature like that.

Anyway, back to drooling over the chairs…color blocked kitchen chairsI used my HomeRight Finish Max sprayer to paint the bottoms of the chairs too. I slipped trash bags over the tops and seats to keep those white and taped everything up with some Frog Tape. I got the Frog Tape in my swag bag at Haven and now I’m hooked! I’ve never used a painter’s tape that good! No lie. And the best part is, no blue paint got on the white parts of the chairs! pop of color - chairsI also found these cool chair pads for the bottoms so they don’t scratch up the floors anymore. We tried using the little round felt pads, but they never worked since the legs are angled. These are rounded so they are all smooth on the floor, and they slide super chair pads The best part of having these chairs done is we can sit at the table again! Nothing demotivates me more in the morning than eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee on the couch before work. I would just sit there and not want to get up. Now I can get a few quick blog things done on the computer while I eat my cereal and then head out the door because no one wants to sit on a wooden chair all day. Or maybe that’s just my weird logic…kitchen chairs refinishedAnd in case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been experimenting with my new 50mm lens that Jesse bought me a few weeks ago. It’s super fun, but I’m still getting the hang of it. dried hydrangeasNow it’s back to work in the bathroom! We started busting up the tile yesterday and as soon as that’s done we’ll be ripping out the chair rail, painting the cabinets, laying the new tile, and replacing the toilet. Woohoo!

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